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"CFNM - is Where the Money Is Nowadays..."

You might not even realize how lucky you are to hit this page, but I will tell you: CFNM (Clothed Females Naked Males) - is where the money is nowadays! It's a narrow niche with 100% Reality content, which makes it very popular. Content is filmed during real life shows, with real naked strippers and real clothed housewives (if it's Loverboys or 4CFNM or Extreme CFNM sites, for example). All of the cfnm sites listed below has shit load of free content for promo and it's not overused, as only few people have the exact idea of what CFNM really is. I'm done! Want to try - put the links up, send couple of thousands hits and see it for yourself... CCBill statistic - 1 sign-up to 300-600 hits, it's how CFNM sells... + rebills! Don't want to bother? Let the others make more money in CFNM niche, haha.

CFNM Sites Which Make Me Money:

Adult X Fun First program to hit the scene with their still easy selling cfnm sites, such as Loverboys (main site), Extreme CFNM (hardcore cfnm footage), Handjobs Central (cfnm hand jobs).
Party Dollars Second popular program run by well-known UK stripper Iceman, his main site - 4CFNM and micro-niched ones: Drunk Girls Blowjob (housewives blow jobs), Wanking Wenches (hand job site) and the only cfnm video archive - CFNM DVDs.
Maxx And More European based cfnm program which is a true all times big seller, plus they charge the usual price in euros. They also just renovated all their paysites tours, which now convert even better than before. Main site I promote - Party Hardcore (ordinary czech teens fucking with strippers, ratio 1:400), others cfnm niched sites: Drunk Sex Orgy, Fully Clothed Sex and all sites access with one membership - Eromaxx. They use new VXS billing, which always had better ratios than CCBill - Overall, 1:515 with some TGP-traffic.
Adult Elite Newly launched program with main cfnm site CFNM Exposed. Though it has staged scenes, it sells pretty easy because of their original content with many life situations. I'm satisfied with rebills too. I also suggest you to try Jerk That Cock Bitch site.
CFNM Bucks Small program with one site that I like to sell - Exposed And Humiliated. Exposed and humiliated the keywords which come apart with cfnm keyword. Another true cfnm site with it's own original content.
Lady Sonia
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Lady Sonia - original UK fem dom big site with daily updates and a lot of cfnm footage. Plus they offer almost unlimited free content section for their affiliates.
CFNM Handjobs
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Used for additional income. CFNM Handjobs site and other listed below - amateur sites related this or that way to cfnm niche. Great sellers when you want to have something else niche related to offer.
Cum On Clothes
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Used for additional income. Cum On Clothes featuring clothed girls getting cum loads from naked guys.
Rob And Jill
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Used for additional income. Rob And Jill - horny always clothed wife Jill showing weird man ejaculation technics on her half-naked hubby, have some sales here too.
Strict Women
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Used for additional income. Strict Women - UK amateur domes spanking naked guys site.
Sloppy Handjobs
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Used for additional income. Sloppy Handjobs - sometimes clothed, sometimes naked different amateur chicks jerking nude guys vaselined cocks.
Nasty Dollars I promote their In The VIP (party girls fucking) reality site for additional income, but it can be your main seller too - they offer lots of free content.
Triple X Cash Check out their Strip Club Exposed site. Other reality site with hardcore party footage, rather interesting too.

Tip: Submit your CFNM resources to Reality and Fetish categories, sometimes Amateur.

Tip: If you have any questions concerning CFNM niche or Comments - Email Me!
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