Just received a note on first Pure Cfnm update in May - ‘Anne Summers Party’. It’s about a group of girls that organize party where different sexy lingerie and toys get exposed. Not long when a male model demonstrating hot panties becomes an object of admiring for these four naughty chicks himself… Preview:


“Four girls are having an Anne Summers party and checking out all the new lingerie and dildos on offer. When the lodger returns home they decide he should model some of the mens range. He is reluctant but they are soon laughing their heads off as he is forced to strut around in the skimpy underwear. The girls grab and pull at the thongs to see what the material is like but before long they seem more interested in what is IN the thongs! Sammy hands him a thong with velcro attachments and as he parades in front of them they rip the thong off and laugh as his cock is exposed! His embarrassment soons turns to arousal as the girls start fondling his cock. When they sit him on the sofa, crowd round him and take it in turns to stroke his cock it’s not long before he cums all over his stomach - greeted by a huge cheer from the girls.”

I attach link to ‘Anne Summers Party’ movies in your today’s portion of links -

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Several girls take pants off the guy and strokes his cock
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