Friday’s update from Pure Cfnm - ‘What’s It Like?’. Several girls talking about what it is like to have a cock, to stroke it and does it really flops when the guy walk. In that moment caretaker comes in… Read full story below:


“Three girls are chatting about what it’s like to have a penis. They wonder whether it flops about when you walk and what it’s really like to have a wank. Just then the caretaker comes in to clean the room and the girls hatch a plan and insist he strips for them or the girl’s father will have him fired! He refuses but the girls rip his clothes off saying they are going to hijack his penis. Once stripped, they take it in turns to stand behind him and wank him off as if it’s their own cock, then they get him to sit on top of them so they can reach around and grope him. Then finally they lie him on the floor and sit on him so it looks as if the cock is coming from between their own legs! They take it in turns to wank him until he cums and then tell him to clean up the mess!”

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