Free movies from Pure Cfnm Friday’s episode - ‘Garage Sale’. Couple sort through their old clothes to see what they can get for garage sale. Wendy finds a funny looking male bathing costume and makes her boyfriend put it on, just in the moment when their friends walks in… Full story:


“Wendy is sorting through her boyfriend’s old clothes to see what can be sold in their garage sale. She comes across an old style bathing costume which she makes him try on for a laugh. Just as he puts it on, in walks Roxy and Emma who can’t believe how silly he looks. Their attention is soon diverted to his groin where the material doesn’t hide his bulge and when Wendy isn’t looking they grope his cock. When Wendy turns round and sees him with a hard-on she is annoyed as they won’t be able to try anything else on with him like that. She makes him strip and soon all three girls are taking turns to stroke his cock in an effort to make him cum so his erection will go down. He holds out for as long as he can but eventually lets fly with a big orgasm that covers Wendy’s hands.”

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Guy in retro bathing suit gets milked by his female friends
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