Wonder if it’s coincidence or not, but episode from latest Cfnm USA update - ‘Plastic Shield’ resembles me scene from Brandi Belle site. Last year there was one of crazy Brandi’s performances ‘Penis Parade’ (see this post) where among different other tricks she forced a group of naked guys to cum on piece of plexiglass. Anyway, here’s new scene - a jury of four clothed females sit at the table and rank guys’ masturbation skills, when another nude contestant walks in with a sheet of plastic… Read full story:


“Gus has been with us before and has always performed well…very well! Still, we decided to run him though our Masturbation Contest to see how he would do. He didn’t disappoint at all. To the ladies delight Gus showed up naked with a raging hard-on in one hand and a sheet of plastic in the other. He told them in was necessary and he was not kidding. The 4 women rate his cock and performance as Gus poses, waves his dong around, and jerks off. Gus gets so excited he’s soon standing directly in front of the judging table, shooting one of his patented, 7 spurt loads, all over the plastic sheet. The cum literally drips onto the floor! The ladies cheer and clap to thank him for a great performance and Gus takes a bow. Each lady then rates him just for you. A must see!!!”

Sample movies of ‘Plastic Shield’ scenario I put in your today’s portion of links, full video get at Cfnm USA -

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Cfnm USA Plastic Shield
Naked guy shoots his load on four women under plastic shield
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