I have already told that you will not get bored with this horny thing Brandi Belle. Once you have watched her crazy Cfnm idea for the week she comes up with another one for the next. This time a cock suck competition ‘Suck Off Handicap Match’ with two naked guys and three clothed chicks involved…


“It’s official, the suck off is on. It’s a handicap match of the suction artistry. The battle? In one cushion, you have the challengers Laura Love and Lisa D’Angelo. That’s right, a tag team. On the other cushion, you have Brandi Belle. The race is on, team suction Love & Lisa D’ use the suck and pull technique but Brandi is going strong with the traditional suck and tug technique. It’s a close race to get to the coming of the cum.”

See link to Cfnm Brandi Belle movie from ‘Suck Off Handicap Match’ episode in your today’s portion of links -

Cfnm Movie
Cfnm Suck
Brandi competes with her girlfriends in cock sucking
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)