Today’s episode from Brandi Belle - ‘Open House’. It’s all staged of course, but see in preview below how Brandi comes up with the idea of sucking nude guy in the kitchen again. Her another kitchen blowjob episode was ‘The Bet’ (read about it here)…


“Wanted to a little more dramatic acting again for you guys…well really its for me cause i have suck fun doing it…i think my skills have impressed dont you? Well my acting skills my not be the best but we all know about my blowjob skills dont we? I know my buddy charles sure knows about it after this shoot. The story goes as this: im looking to buy a house My buddy charles plays the realtor. After i look around the house and inspect it n all that i make charles an offer on the house..can you guys guess what the offer was…ill give you a hint…him naked and me sucking his dick till he cums all in my mouth is a major part of the offer…did i give too much away i hope not your still gunna watch it write? even though i just spoiled the ending..well actually theres a surprise ending after that which im not gunna tell you what that is…ok ill tell you..wait! no! stop trying to trick me! who am i talking to! Im feeling weird im gunna end this here enjoy it boys and girls!”

Sample movie from ‘Open House’ scene I put in your today’s portion of links and full video get at Brandi Belle site -

CFNM Movie
Brandi Belle Cfnm Open
Brandi blowing a naked guy on the kitchen table
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)