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Published by on 29 Dec 2016

Men In Pain Clips

It’s not like I forgot to post sample movies from cfnm bondage site Men In Pain… just teasing you ;) Here’s movie series from episode with schoolgirl who gets annoyed by her teacher starring on her ass and decides to give him a lesson in good behavior. Another school theme scene has Cfnm Exposed, by the way.

Link to cfnm clips from Men In Pain I attach in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Clips
Men In Pain Clips
Schoolgirl punishes her teacher for antisocial behavior
(Movies taken from Men In Pain members area)

Published by on 21 Dec 2016

Men In Pain

If you ever expected Cfnm to be harder, even more sever than Lady Sonia humiliation movies. Here you go, the first cfnm bondage site to be featured at Cfnm Blog - Men In Pain. It started back in 2003 by well-know in bondage industry company, Kink (I mention them at Hot Porn News in this post). Men In Pain feature naked guys being stripped down and humiliated by beautiful dominant ladies they’re not allowed to have sex with. Many cfnm femdom scenes also there and some you will consider even sadistic and painful. But what I most enjoy are cfnm clips from first years of Men In Pain existence. Don’t be lazy and dig out their archive, 2003-2004 shoots more easy for average cfnm viewer and exciting.

Men In Pain @ Cfnm Movies With Nude Men Humiliated and Bondaged

Published by on 12 Dec 2016

Brandi Belle Penis Parade

Thought you’d be curious to see that ‘Penis Parade’ scene from Brandi Belle I mentioned in my last post (here). Everything starts as usual girls chit-chat soon as Brandi sits female audience for the show. First guy in robe enters the room, he drops off his only dressing to reveals 8 inches of hard cock to amazement of the girls, who later try to guess its size. After Brandi measures him up to determine the winner, guy starts to jerk off. And then you see what’s happening on video in previous post. By the way, it’s just the beginning of 53 minutes ‘Penis Parade’ episode you get inside. There were four guys, a plexiglass, candy apples, orange juice… Well, you’ll know the rest ;)

Link to free site with sample cfnm pictures of ‘Penis Parade’ added in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Free Site
Cfnm queen Brandi hosts cock parade for her naughty girlfriends
(Pictures taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 04 Dec 2016

Brandi Belle Video

Just found inside Brandi Belle’s site section of behind the scenes videos. If you remember there was episode ‘Penis Parade’ where Brandi and four of her friends has been playing with four nude guys. In that scene was a funny moment in the beginning when naked guy being so nervous he couldn’t even cum. He was staying right there in front of four girls, stroking his tool, but nothing happening. It made girls laughing like crazy :) This was cut from the original video and now you can see it.

Actually, I put this funny cfnm movie in your today’s portion of links, full video of ‘Penis Parade’ episode watch at Brandi Belle official site -

CFNM Video
Brandi Belle Video
Naughty girls laughing at nude guy trying to cum
(Video taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 26 Nov 2016

Cfnm Movies

After addition of Darering Movies looks like Cfnm Blog has quite a collection of cfnm movies already. Total I count 10 pages of movies from different cfnm sites such as Lady Sonia, Truth Or Dare, Party Hardcore, Extreme Cfnm and bunch of others…

Link attached in your today’s portion of links -

Cfnm Movies @ Downloadable Movies from Different Cfnm Sites

Published by on 17 Nov 2016

Darering Movies

Got you cfnm movies from the latest Truth Or Dare party. Episode with guy who has to take off one piece of his clothes, but all he’s got left is his pants. And later naked he gets on his female classmate to perform another dare.

Link to Darering cfnm movies find in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Darering Movies
Nude college guy performs two dares in front of school-mates
(Movies taken from Darering members area)

Published by on 09 Nov 2016

Truth Or Dare Cfnm

A story of Cfnm Darering or another name it became associated with - Truth Or Dare Cfnm. The owner comes up with unique idea, to base a porn site on famous ‘Truth Or Dare’ game. Set-up things and goes on vacation. That’s the time when I first spotted Truth Or Dare cfnm site and presented it to you (original post read here). There were only about 7 games played when it just opened. He returns to a great surprise, Truth Or Dare Cfnm success overcome all his expectations. He starts making more scenes of college guys and girls dare each other to strip and doing naughty things.

Sample cfnm pics from the latest games see at Truth Or Dare front page. Link added in your today’s portion of links -

Truth Or Dare Cfnm @ Guys Dare to Strip In Front of Their Classmates

Published by on 01 Nov 2016

Japanese Cfnm USA

Cfnm USA gives honor to another country which often associated with Cfnm - Japan. New episode ‘The Manager’ features japanese school girls, who get interrupted by their land-lord while having fun with each other, now decide to have some fun with his cock. Here’s full story..:


“Kitty and Lucia come home from a long day of school and let out their pent up energy. In comes the Manager and tells them they’re being too loud. The girls tell him to lighten up and that he’s too tense. Soon they have him on the bed and are stripping off his clothes. Dan (he finally tells them his name) lays there stark naked as the girls fondle him and talk about everything from partying to cock size. Soon Kitty yells out, “Milk Him!”. They do just that. Both girls stroke his cock, coaxing a huge load of cum from Dan.”

I attach link to ‘The Manager’ episode movie in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movie
Japanese Cfnm USA
Two japanese chicks milking nude european guy
(Movie taken from Cfnm USA members area)

Published by on 23 Oct 2016

Brandi Belle Interview

Brandi Belle continues to amaze us with her crazy cfnm stories like inspecting some guy’s cock (episode ‘Penis Inspection’) or putting nude men in line in front of her girlfriends (episode ‘Penis Parade’). And in this week scene she combines both - ‘La Entrevue’ (‘An Interview’). A guy who applies for a job thru the ad gets an interview with no one else than Brandi Belle and two of her horny female assistants. And besides many questions asked Brandi puts him on a physical test like any other guy she does business with… An extract from the story below:


“… oh yeah i should probably sum up the story of this shoot for you more clearly..i guy loses his job, gets evicted from his apt aplies for a job he find in the classified only to find out the interview is being done by me and my ever so horny girlfirends. We put him through some rather vigourous questioning and some uhhh “tests” i guess you could call them and of course fucking his brains out. Hope you all enjoy i know you will!”

Find a link to sample movie of ‘La Entrevue’ in your today’s portion of links and full video at Brandi Belle site -

CFNM Movie
Brandi Belle Interview
Guy gets stripped and sucked during his job interview
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 15 Oct 2016

Handjob Heaven Videos

I completely forgot to attach sample video gallery to my post about Handjob Heaven site. See below episode with horny girl who gets interested by a huge knob in her new Mini more than any other detail until it’s a hard cock of her instructor ;)

Link to cfnm videos from Handjob Heaven I put in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Videos
Handjob Heaven Videos
Babe strokes a knob of her car then cock of her naked instructor
(Videos taken from Handjob Heaven members area)

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