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Published by on 25 Dec 2013

Party Hardcore Strippers

First Party Hardcore show this hot summer season which means girls already appear in light-clothes and some lose them completely during the action. But to the party, stripper Patrick opens it up again, he’s not just a good dancer, but seems to be a nice actor too - saw many of his performances and he’s great. And here Patrick comes out in a Clown- costume, literes of booze and laughing having a good time chicks, most brave of them getting on stage to taste clown’s cock, all done the way you always expect it from Party Hardcore - extremely crazy ;) Read the party follow-up:


“Our hard-bodied stripper Patrick plays a stupendous role as a jovial clown who really gets this audience laughing and having a great time, just what Party Hardcore is all about! The amateur babes here are in for the start of a party of their lives, and the 100 plus chicks are sipping on bubbly and watching the show, but the best show is from our cameras, where you get to see how horny these innocent girls become, and you will love just how far they will go with strangers when given the chance!”

I include a link to free site with couple sample galleries of this cfnm show in your today’s portion of links, for the entire movie go directly to Party Hardcore -

Free CFNM Site
Stripper in clown uniform gets chicks from the audience to suck his dick
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Published by on 16 Dec 2013

Eromaxx Video

Noticed some requests for ‘eromaxx video’ lately from people visiting CFNM Blog when I haven’t actually posted any… Let me fix it. First, what’s new on Eromaxx for past months. Tons of fresh as always fantastic quality content, endless amount of new crazy parties organized and filmed for your viewing pleasure at Party Hardcore and Drunk Sex Orgy. Eromaxx pass still gives you access to 13 of their sites (the ones I told you about are Party Hardcore, Cum Squad, Drunk Sex Orgy, Fully Clothed Sex and others), but two of their sites got archived because of very high production costs: Cum Squad - cum shot gangbangs (read about it here) and Pee Squad - great pissing site, though you still can access previously shot updates on them through Eromaxx.
As for Eromaxx Video, in your today’s portion of links you have a page with 6 sample movies each from different Eromaxx site, get full version of them all at Eromaxx -

CFNM Video Gallery
Sample video trailers from several Eromaxx sites
(Videos taken from Eromaxx members area)

Published by on 08 Dec 2013

Guys Get Fucked Samples

Some changes taken place since I’ve last visited Guys Get Fucked in February, hardcore cfnm site with nude straight guys getting ass fucked by dressed girls in strapons, some handjob and blowjob action also occur. They added separate page with updates and free samples, which is basically 5 preview pictures swapped each week and three sample movie clips under them to give you the impression of what Guys Get Fucked site is about. And here’s the story of latest added episode ‘Boss Punishes Janitor’ with female boss fuck her employee in the office -


“Sal is the janitor at a large corporation. He has had a crush on the boss for a long while so while cleaning her office he decided to make a move. While she was walking around the desk, he leaned in to kiss her and grabbed her breast. She was shocked and really pissed that he would make an advance at her. She decided to teach him a lesson. She pulled out a strapon and told him to get undressed. The boss then forced the strapon into Sal’s mouth then shoved it deep into his ass!”

Link to Guys Get Fucked samples page and preview of ‘Boss Punishes Janitor’ scenario is in your today’s portion of links -

Free CFNM Samples
Clothed chicks dildo-fucking naked guys (follow samples link on top)
(Samples taken from Guys Get Fucked members area)

Published by on 30 Nov 2013

Drunk Sex Orgy Video

Got a video clip from Drunk Sex Orgy site to share. This party held in April, episode with three naked strippers hanging out in crowd of warmed up drunken chicks, some lose their clothes also. Party follows-up..:


“This Geek Gangfuck is cumming to a wet and sticky close as they nerds are pretty much stripped out of their knobby clothes and are really fencing balls deep like master snatch swordsman into just about every hot little vixen around. There is just an enormous amount of screwing going on by the end, people just piled upon people going at it any which way but loose, and with so many lucky cuties getting mouthfuls and facefuls of spunk, you almost wonder if there will be enough champagne left to wash it all down with!”

Link to sample clip is in your today’s portion of links, access full video inside Drunk Sex Orgy official site -

Free CFNM Video
Drunk girls interacting with party strippers on stage
(Video taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

Published by on 21 Nov 2013

Dogging Wives CFNM

Dogging Uncovered finishes spring season with four outrageous May updates, each with hot dogging wife jerking and sucking a team of cocks outdoor. Tina Marie looks like a pornstar and behave like slut, young babe Frankie doing guys with professionalism of a true whore, celebrating her pre-wedding ceremony under cum shower from several dicks Missy and busty Kandi taking four horny doggers at once.

Check free video previews of each girl on the front page of Dogging Uncovered, link is in your today’s portion of links -

Dogging Uncovered @ real wives in cfnm dogging footage

Published by on 13 Nov 2013

Brandi Belle Pictures

The girl keep thinking toward CFNM direction. Here you go, latest episode from Brandi Belle - ‘I’ll Float Your Boat’. Brandi having a great day in company of her friends who take her on boat evening cruise. In the end Brandi pays back with a good handjob to one of the boat crew. Story below..:


“Hey guys its me again…what a fun day this was..not only did i get to be driven around in a motorcycle all day i also got to go out on a big beautiful “party” boat. If only i had more days like this one and i owe all to my friend sergio and of course as ive always believed in the philosophy of one good turn deserving another i gave his cousin Julio one of my pattented delicious handjobs right in the boat which was fun…it was especially fun cause i dont think this guy has ever had a handjob before or maybe he just hadnt been with a girl in a while cause he was so excited during the whole thing…like a little school boy…it was really funny check it out foryourself…by ya’ll :)”

Sample pictures of ‘I’ll Float Your Boat’ scenario find in your today’s portion of links, or go directly to Brandi Belle site for video -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Brandi giving a handjob to naked guy on a yacht
(Pictures taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 05 Nov 2013

CFNM Idol CFNM Exposed

Missed something important in my post about CFNM Idol. Remember CFNM Idol belongs to the same guy who created first fantasy cfnm site in history, CFNM Exposed? That’s sound like a logical step and you actually get Access to Both CFNM Sites when you join any of them, either CFNM Idol or CFNM Exposed. Now, that’s a bargain - both sites stuffed with hours of cfnm content and CFNM Exposed continued making weekly updates as it did before the beginning of the year when they experienced some major problems and hadn’t add any new scenes for a few months.

I put links to CFNM Idol and CFNM Exposed sites in your today’s portion of links - you choose which one to register with, but anyway you’re getting access to them both ;)

CFNM Idol @ Members voted cfnm scenarios on video

CFNM Exposed @ Cfnm episodes with breathtaking storylines

Published by on 27 Oct 2013

Free CFNM Links

Mentioned new Free CFNM Links category page in my previous post about CFNM Party Sex. You might not be familiar with the structure of small cfnm sites listed there - every free site contains two galleries with 10 sample pictures each of either Party Hardcore, Cheaters Uncovered, CFNM Exposed, Pure CFNM or Brandi Belle CFNM content surrounded by links with descriptions of the main site they are taken from… so just follow the links for entire series with full video and the rest of the collection of each main site you preview.

I include a link to Free CFNM Links department of my CFNM Party Sex portal in your today’s portion of links -

Free links to cfnm and cfnm sex sites with picture galleries

Published by on 19 Oct 2013

CFNM Party Sex

Made face-lift to my cfnm portal - CFNM Party Sex (post about it located here) this weekend. There were a bunch of cfnm links to my resources and other sites all over before, now I left only best membership cfnm sites on the front page and put the others in Top CFNM Sites category (read about it here). Same for my free cfnm sites, they’re sorted by alphabet and you can see only first twenty five of them, the rest located on Free CFNM Links page.

And again, link to my portal below - a very nice bookmark if you still don’t have it yet ;)

CFNM Party Sex @ free links to cfnm sites with pictures and movies

Published by on 11 Oct 2013

Nurse Lady Sonia

Surfed Lady Sonia members area lately (my post about Lady Sonia located here) and this scene excited me most - Lady Sonia wearing short white dress with all that nurse stuff and black fishnet stockings, her patient lies absolutely naked on couch tied up. Lady Sonia bends down exposing her firm breasts to play with his cock and then sucks him off near the wall. All happens in romantic atmosphere by in-door swimming pool.

See full video of ‘Nurse Lady Sonia’ episode and many others at official Lady Sonia site, and few cfnm pics of this goes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Lady Sonia in nurse uniform caring her nude patient
(Pictures taken from Lady Sonia members area)

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