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Published by on 28 Dec 2012

Pure CFNM Nude

Last week update from Pure CFNM - ‘The Talk Show’. Realistic TV-show with Samantha Richards, writer who study male sexuality, being invited for an interview on her new book ‘Cock On A Leash’. With her new book she brings on a nude male model to demonstrate her theories. The story ends up with a naked man masturbating and cumming right in front of the camera. Read it below:


“Samantha Richards has been asked onto Jenny’s Talk Show to be interviewed about her new book “Cock on a leash”. The book is all about how women can control men through their penises.
Jenny can’t believe it is happening on live TV but Samantha brings on a male model to demonstrate. The model removes his robe and then allows Samantha to fondle his cock and balls while she explains the theories from her book. All this attention, coupled with Jenny’s research assistant Bexy watching him from the side, makes the male model get an erection. Samantha asks him to demonstrate how he masturbates and as the girls watch it’s not long before he cums all over the floor in front of a very shocked Jenny and proud Samantha.”

Few pictures from ‘The Talk Show’ episode you can find in your today’s portion of links, full movie and the rest scenarios are available at Pure CFNM -

CFNM Free Site
Nude guy jerking on tv-show in group of clothed females
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Published by on 19 Dec 2012

CFNM Exposed Opened

Whoah! As of 18th of March - CFNM Exposed is opened up again… Uhm, it hasn’t actually been closed, but there was no updates for awhile if you remember. Not big changes since than I’ve noticed, but here’s a new scenario I haven’t seen before - ‘Sex Clinic’. Man got an appointment in local clinic for annual health checking. Before doctor arrives our lucky guy getting a sexy nurse to take care of him, the action ends up with a tender handjob.

Few clips from CFNM Exposed update goes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Hot nurse jerking naked guys cock at sex clinic
(Movies taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

Published by on 03 Dec 2012

Pure CFNM Naked

Monday fresh Pure CFNM Episode - ‘Tied Up In Bed’. Sleeping guy getting disturbed by a group of fully clothed girls headed by their teacher. Nick has a great body and girls wanting just to have another look at his muscles while he sleeps, they tying his hands up to the bed and putting the covers back, when realize Nick like to sleep absolutely naked. The story goes below..:


“After seeing him accidentally cum in front of them in their art class, the students are desperate to see Nick’s hot body again. Even the teacher wants another look at this strapping lad and his big cock so they sneak into his bedroom and tie his hands to the bed before waking him up. As Nick struggles with his restraints they tease him and slowly pull the covers back to expose his naked body.
The four girls surround him on the bed and the teacher can’t help herself and grabs hold of his cock right in front of her students! After playing with him for a bit she commands him to give them a repeat performance and unties one of his hands. As Bexy and Jenny hold his legs down, he pumps his cock for them and before long his cock erupts for them again.”

As usual few sample pics from the story is in your today’s portion of links, full movie and all the rest episodes you can see at Pure CFNM -

CFNM Free Sites
CFNM episode with four girls stroking naked guy in bed
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Published by on 24 Nov 2012

Shocking Parties

Heh, saturday evening, good time to surf around the Net for something interesting - Shocking Parties. This site comes to the collection of all nude hardcore party sites and will be similar to College Fuck Fest and Strip Club Exposed (College Invasion, College Wild Parties and In The VIP are also of the same series I told you about too), with only exception - no theme to follow here, different stories, different participants, places and finals of episodes: 21st Birthday with birthday girl getting double-fucked, Lance’s Last Dance with groom fucking some slut at bachelor party, right the night before his marriage just couple of the latest ones…

I’m including sample pictures from Shocking Parties in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Some girl getting fucked in the room full of guests
(Pictures taken from Shocking Parties members area)

Published by on 16 Nov 2012

Party Hardcore Truth

Oke, as promised - the Truth is Party Hardcore IS Real… but some paid models are still engaged in the action. How it works, Eromaxx run advertisements in local publications (Prague, Czech Republic), partygoers book a Party Hardcore event - these girls are real, they are only to decide how far they go. Eromaxx employ 5 models only to heat up the action, that’s why you can see some girls at different parties. Also Eromaxx provide space and erotic male dancers, of course. What happens next you can see at Party Hardcore :)

I’m attaching a link to few samples from the latest Party Hardcore event in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Free Site
Drunk czech teens fucking male strippers at local party
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Published by on 08 Nov 2012

4CFNM Videos

Dig out very first 4CFNM design - 4CFNM Videos (two others are 4CFNM Blow Job and 4CFNM Drunk Girls), interesting to know 4CFNM is almost 4 years old now, first episode dated 2002. Sad part, 4CFNM is not updated anymore, I’ve been a member there since I first told you about this site in September (post located here) and haven’t seen any updates since than. Another cfnm party site - Loverboys is also running less parties now. Fantasy cfnm sites (Pure CFNM and CFNM Exposed) slowly taking over bachelorette cfnm parties which first introduced us CFNM the way it is now. No, that’s good, CFNM is getting mature and different tendencies popping up. Even the latest pool on cfnm forum shown more people prefer acted cfnm fantasies (like at CFNM Zone for example) to real life cfnm in form it was from the beginning (Cheaters Uncovered and Party Hardcore). Though unquestionable favorite in cfnm party niche remains Party Hardcore with it’s always 4 updates and one new crazy party each month, but it’s not that real as it seems to be after all (will tell you the truth in one of my next posts ;)

In your today’s portion of links I insert direct link to 4CFNM Video tour -

Wild ladies nights out on video from 4CFNM
(Videos taken from 4CFNM members area)

Published by on 30 Oct 2012

Cfnm Tube Channel With Clips

Love erotic storylines but in the mood for something more exciting to satisfy your visual cravings for the footage with clothed woman naked male episodes? Than cfnm clips has just what you have been searching for so long. There is plenty of clips that show hundreds of hours of streaming cfnm footage that ranges from pary with forceful clothed women sucking to nude male strippers to more amateur footage where powerful office girls go on their shy male co-workers and ridicule them for nothing else but having small cocks that are not enought to satisfy them in any other way…

Published by on 24 Oct 2012

Fully Clothed Sex Movies

Yesterday surfing Eromaxx I came across Fully Clothed Sex site. You know it was their another innovation site (after Party Hardcore and Drunk Sex Orgy) as no one ever before shown clothed sex online? Well, now I learned that. Suprisingly how many of my wicked fantasies Eromaxx could touch. I never knew I like cfnm before I’ve seen Party Hardcore pictures, so as I never knew I like clothed fucking before I visited Fully Clothed Sex, again from Eromaxx. Tell you, that guys know the thing. Read my detailed post about Eromaxx - here. As for Fully Clothed Sex, I asked them for permission to share some movies clips with you, see the link in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Fully clothed couples fucking outdoors on the couch
(Movies taken from Fully Clothed Sex members area)

Published by on 16 Oct 2012

Pure CFNM Cum

Friday update from Pure CFNM - ‘Slumber Party’. You already know Tia and Katie from the last week episode ‘Watching A Movie’. They are joining Belle and Myla for girls ‘Slumber Party’ which is held at Myla’s house. Soon the conversation turns to cocks, in particular to Myla’s brother’s, Johnny, huge cock when the door opens and Johnny comes in… Read the story:


“Belle, Myla, Tia and Katie are having a girlie slumber party and the conversation soon turns to boys and in particular Myla’s brother, Johnny, and the rumours of him having a large cock. Myla is horrified to hear them speak about her brother in this way but when Johnny comes home unexpectedly the girls ask him to join them and managed to talk him into stripping naked so they can see if the rumours are true. Myla is appalled and tells him not to show them but its too late and Katie and Tia have already started pulling at his trousers and before long he is naked. Myla walks out disgusted but the girls get Johnny to play with himself so they can see his cock at full size. With the girls grabbing his cock it isnt long before Johnny loses control and shoots an enormous fountain of cum into the air to the amazement of the girls, just as Myla walks back in to see the cum-covered carpet.”

Full series of ‘Slumber Party’ episode with movie and many others can be found inside Pure CFNM members area. In your today’s portion of links I include sample pictures of this episode -

CFNM Free Site
Three clothed girls jerk nude guy until he cums
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Published by on 07 Oct 2012

Exposed And Humiliated CFNM

Was in search for more members’ written scenarios, and found some at Exposed And Humiliated. I posted about Exposed And Humiliated before, the post is located here. For those of you who ‘ve missed it, Exposed And Humiliated features home cfnm videos and pictures of group of cfnm lovers guys and girls filming each other. Some episode scenarios offered by the members of the site. Check out the front page right now - Exposed And Humiliated: episode scenes with nude stripper cleaning the house, naked guy fucking his rubber-doll while his maid and cook watching and sleeping on the floor drunken boyfriend are all written by members. See more inside Exposed And Humiliated members area.

In your today’s portion of links I’m attaching Exposed And Humiliated page with some episodes preview -

Members written cfnm scenarios from Exposed And Humiliated
(Pictures taken from Exposed And Humiliated members area)

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