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Published by on 29 Dec 2011

Glory Hole Girlz

Think I should tell you about this of my friend Dirty D’s site - Glory Hole Girlz… I describe you the glory hole idea in Glory Hole site’s review (located here). Now, something from professionals. Glory Hole Girlz and Dirty D himself became famous being featured in one of Playboy TV sexcetera episodes. All Glory Hole Girlz action takes place in sunny Florida where sun makes people crazy enough for the things like sucking complete strangers cock trough the hole in special cabins there are almost in every adult bookstoore. Local amateur sluts, young and mature, but always hungry for cock visit such places on purporse or either Dirty D meets them on the street, or his friends who are always for something extreme, or that woman hair stylist he met when cutting his hair and so on. Huge gallery with featured sluts can be seen right on the front, each girls page has free video preview.

I include some Glory Hole Girlz samples in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Tan 19yr blonde hair stylist sucking strangers cock
(Pictures taken from Glory Hole Girlz members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Amateur blonde milf sucking cock in gloryhole
(Movies taken from Glory Hole Girlz members area)

and don’t forget to visit us on 25th Christmas Day, I have something special for you ;)

Published by on 20 Dec 2011

Pure CFNM Free

New episode ‘Hiding In The Cupboard’ filmed in the beginning of this week and since yesterday already available in Pure CFNM members area for downloading. Hurry up to get it hot ;) What makes it special? Some of my cfnm pals are dying for hot blonde Jamie featured in couple of Pure CFNM espisodes already and now appears again in ‘Hiding In The Cupboard’ episode. I would watch this girl act all day long myself, she’s a real cutie… Oh, well the story -


“Jamie has been spying on her nextdoor neighbour for weeks. His cock is huge and she can’t take her eyes off it - so much so that she tells her friend Kyla about it. Kyla desperately wants to see it for herself so they break into his house and hide in the cupboard.
But when Mr Edwards gets home he catches them. He is shocked at first but, standing there half naked in front of them, he soon succumbs to the interest these two gorgeous young girls are taking in his cock. They grope, fondle and inspect his cock until he shoots a big load of cum all over himself while the girls sit watching in amazement.
After they leave, he lies there dreaming of the fantasy that just came true . . . until his wife comes home and catches him lying there covered in cum.”

In your today’s portion of links I’m including some free samples of ‘Hiding In The Cupboard’ episode (Jamie appears there) -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Jamie and her friend got caught in the cupboard by a half naked man
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Hot clothed blonde giving a handjob to her naked neighbour
(Movies taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Published by on 12 Dec 2011

Strict Women Christmas

And here’s your first Christmas present - special week from one of our reviewed cfnm sites - Strict Women. Every day since 18 to 24 of December new episode of Christmas full movie with hot french mistress Chloe punishing and spanking Santa is added. If you are not yet a member of Strict Women site, that’s a fantastic opportunity for you to become one for this week only special low price. Here is the story which comes along with Christmas episode:

“…Miss Chloe returns home from the Christmas party at work and finds Santa in her home eating her mince pies but on greeting him with joy and excitement she discovers that he has not brought her that bike she wanted for Christmas! Not only that but she then discovers that the Santa in Her home is an impostor and in fact the same person she caught burgling Her house the week before (to be released to members at a later date) and gave a sound spanking to at that time. But when the santa impostor denies she punished him the week before and moans that she didn’t even leave any wine for him Miss Chloe is furious and the so called santa is soon across Her lap for a sound spanking indeed!”

I’m adding a straight link to Strict Women site with samples of the episode in your today’s portion of links -

Miss Chloe spanking Santa episode from Strict Women
(Samples taken from Strict Women members area)

Published by on 04 Dec 2011

CFNM Exposed Samples

The update from out summer favorite - CFNM Exposed. For new readers, the review of this fantastic cfnm site launched this summer located - here. It seriously grew up for the past 4 months - more episodes, more ideas, more cfnm pictures and videos were added. Great job is done and no surprise to see active subscribers to CFNM Exposed since its first day. I asked the owner to leave the preview of the very first episode on the front, so come on in and ‘touch the history’ of CFNM Exposed ;) Oh, well… the update I was going to tell you about - ‘Strip Poker’. That’s funny but this episode shares almost the same idea with ‘Cheated At Strip Poker’ episode from newly launched Pure CFNM site. Gotta have a word with both, lol. Anyway, those are two completely different episodes, even filmed in different countries: CFNM Exposed - USA, Pure CFNM - UK. Read the story and watch full movie of ‘Strip Poker’ episode in CFNM Exposed members area. The moment with guy cumming on his face is hilarious.

Link to the gallery with sample cfnm clips from ‘Strip Poker’ episode attached in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Friends play strip poker which leads to a handjob and facial cumshot
(Movies taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

Published by on 25 Nov 2011

Pure CFNM Samples

Not yet a member of Pure CFNM site? Well, you are missing a lot. Just watched ‘Chauvinist Tied To Railings’ episode. Hilarious. Pure CFNM really takes the things to the new level as some one already noticed. You actually feel yourself a part of the episode. Helpless guy got out of bed still sleeping to the corridor by his two female flatmates for being wrong about woman’s place last night, got undressed and tied to railings. They then cut off his boxers with scissors and slap his cock to wake him up. Naughty bitches :) Poor guy found himself absolutely naked trying to understand what has happened (watch his face this moment), girls taking some photos and leaving him like that right before female cleaner walks in… Read the original story below:


“Mike is a real male chauvinist pig - to him a woman’s place is in the kitchen and her job is to wash, cook and clean for her man. One day he goes too far with flatmates Kyla and Sarah and they decide to teach him a lesson by drugging him and tying him to the railings outside his bedroom.
Once the girls have him restrained, Kyla cuts off his boxer shorts with scissors and then slaps his cock with her hand until he wakes up. They then humiliate him and comment on how small his cock is while taking pictures and laughing. Finally they make him wank to orgasm for them and then leave him there, just as the female cleaner walks in!”

Samples of ‘Chauvinist Tied To Railings’ episode goes in your today’s portion of links, watch the full movie of this scene and others at Pure CFNM site -

CFNM Free Site
Guys get humiliated by being forced to jerk in front of clothed females
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Male chauvinist getting stripped and humiliated by two clothed females
(Movies taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Published by on 17 Nov 2011

Master Speaks

Someting special and unusual for you for today - Master Speaks. CFNM in comics, possible? Sure! While the main niche for Master Speaks site is BDSM, some anime cfnm images can also be found there. Very sexy anime dommes tying up nude men, punishing their naked asses with leather whips, beautiful cartoon angels slurping and playing with enormous sized cocks, all what you ever desired but was not possible to act for real is drawn. CFNM art taken on the level of pure cfnm fantasy, I enjoyed it much and sure you will either ;)

The links to Master Speaks tour with members area samples goes in your today’s portion of links -

Dirty cfnm fantasies in comics from Master Speaks
(Images taken from Master Speaks members area)

Published by on 09 Nov 2011

Skilful Hands

Came across this handjob site on weekend - Skilful Hands. I can’t say it’s just another handjob site as I was really pleased with the quality of content featured there. Not just with the quality of Skilful Hands pictures and videos, but how the footage was done. You really can feel that beautiful chicks enjoying wanking off nude guys with their soft hands. See that passion, that slow movements, that puffy lips sucking the top of the dickhead, that pedicured hands covered all over in hot cum at the end and you’ll fall in love with the handjob idea like I did long before ;)

Some Skilful Hands samples goes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery 1
Redhead amateur giving handjob till she gets much jizz on hands
(Pictures taken from Skilful Hands members area)

CFNM Picture Gallery 2
Handjob loving amateur shows her skills with a big dick in her hand
(Pictures taken from Skilful Hands members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Long-haired brunette giving skilful handjob so long and tenderly
(Movies taken from Skilful Hands members area)

Published by on 31 Oct 2011


Pure CFNM - launched 38 hours ago! Woohoo another great cfnm site from the official cfnm capital the United Kingdom I really looked forward to come out. Poor english guys, sometimes foreign(watch that terrific episode with a french student), getting stripped off, jerked off, slapped off and again just humiliated by hot and tempting UK clothed girls. Mostly college age participants but some older women also appear. Some footage made inside beautiful english castles, the surroundings will tell you that - english style, english dommes, college students. All fresh as well as the scenario ideas perfomed there: Cheated At Strip Poker, Robbed By Strippers, Punished Chauvinist, Stripped Foreign Student and many others to come… I’m posting below the story of the yesterday’s latest added episode Caught Wanking In The Bath, enjoy reading and the videos at Pure CFNM site:


“Andy is enjoying stroking his cock while he soaks in the bath but doesn’t realise that Jamie and her friend Laura are watching him through the window. They decide they want a closer look, enter the bathroom and force Andy to stand up and expose himself. Jamie gasps when she sees his cock up close but Laura has seen it all before. The older Laura shows Jamie a trick or two about how to handle a man’s cock but before long Jamie has got the hang of it and eventually wanks Andy off until he cums all over her hand. She thanks Laura for the lesson and then wipes Andy’s cum all over his chest before walking out.”

Some samples from Pure CFNM site attached in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
College guy caught peeping on her roomate being punished by getting stripped off and forced to wank
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Girls undress a foreign student and ask him to jerk in front of them
(Movies taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Published by on 23 Oct 2011


See I told you about several Eromaxx sites (Party Hardcore, Druk Sex Orgy, Fully Clothed Sex, Cum Squad) already. Let me tell you about Eromaxx itself. Eromaxx is european based company producing their own content in Prague, Czech Republic. In the land of beautiful women as they used to say it. And I can’t help to agree with that - all their girls are gorgeous, beautiful faces and beautiful bodies dressed in beautiful costumes. Even if you see their flagship site Party Hardcore, where they film public parties with local real chicks - you will notice every czech girl is at least cute. Eromaxx came out to the scene in 2002 with their first site - Party Hardcore, which became extremely popular among the ones who saw it (Party Hardcore wasn’t exposed much and only few can enjoy the show) and got it’s reborn this October (read here). More parties, more participants, more wild girls and Drunk Sex Orgy appeared featuring crazy group gangbangs with ten, twenty, thirty fucking couples in one place. Fully Clothed Sex comes apart - created by clothed sex fanatics for clothed sex lovers, so as Cum Squad. Up to date Eromaxx is equipped with twelve premium sites. I call them premium for the amazing quality content they have there, I mean participants as well as surroundings and the real professional light set-up during the footage. Other Eromaxx sites worth metioning (but they don’t actually correlate CFNM ;) : Wam Sex Orgy, All Wam - food fetish with sexy girls and boys covered in cream, milk, drinks fighting and playing with each other; Fully Clothed Pissing - the name says for itself, Pee Squad - european girls getting their beautiful faces and clothes covered in excessive cum loads then taking pee golden shower from ten-twelve erected cocks; TS Cum - hottest european transsexuals who really cum white creamy loads. Some of you might be interested in My Fetish, Cum On Jugs or Al Caporno with midget sex footage :) Anyway, you can access all that stuff right now - here is the link to Eromaxx portal.

In your today’s portion of links I’m giving you some samples from Eromaxx sites, but you can watch more straight at Eromaxx tour -

CFNM Picture Gallery
European sex frenzy from Eromaxx sites line-up
(Pictures taken from Eromaxx members area)

Published by on 15 Oct 2011

Cum Squad

One more CFNM site from Eromaxx, our extreme friends from Prague - Cum Squad. Have I told you I became fanatic of their content since the first time I saw Party Hardcore galleries? Czech Republic is well known for its beautiful chicks and all Eromaxx content is filmed in Prague with local damn sexy bitches. I’m in love almost with every girl I see in their pictures and videos :) Cum Squad features hot european sluts engaging in bukkake gangbangs with seven, ten, twelve cocks shooting sticky cum all over their cute faces and clothes. Only Cum Squad and Eromaxx in a whole managed to catch the contrast when beauty meets the smut. Beautiful angels covered in messy cumshots all over what can be more exciting, plus the highest quality of pictures and movies I ever met over the net.

Watch some of Cum Squad samples in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Very hot brunette getting messy cum facials after group gangbang
(Pictures taken from Cum Squad members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Sexy teenager getting sticky cum loads on her pretty face
(Movies taken from Cum Squad members area)

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