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Published by on 31 Dec 2008

Loverboys Housewives Cfnm

Speaking about Extreme Cfnm / Loverboys USA has recently been updated and new tour with several movie samples has been added. In the first one you will see amateur girls go totally wild, some of them flash tits while others who can’t stand the temptation of huge cock swinging in front of their face take it in mouth. And other one shows footage from recent UK party where real moms give handjobs and blowjobs to male strippers…

Link to 2005 Loverboys pictures added in your today’s portion of links, watch recent parties at Loverboys USA site -

Free Cfnm Site
Real amateur wives go mad with hot male strippers on public
(Pictures taken from Loverboys USA members area)

Published by on 29 Dec 2008

Only Cfnm

Discovered this brand new site Only Cfnm on Cfnm Forum while browsing on Christmas night. Looks fresh at first glance, I definitely have not seen any of the scenes featured there before. The site owner is on holidays so I couldn’t chat with him to get more information on who they are and where the site comes from. But I do recognize some of the models from Party Hardcore, especially that black guy with tattoos all over his body on front page. So the site must be European at least, which is good because european girls are generally hotter and dare I say best sites in the niche we have seen so far come from Europe, UK in particular (Pure Cfnm and Extreme Cfnm).

Only Cfnm story lines are not as big or descriptive as they get at other Cfnm Sites, but original. For example, a pair of girls smoking cigarettes then blowing cock with their warm mouths. Or girlfriend watching her boyfriend receiving a handjob from her best friend. Or episode about horny chick who is more interested in tits when grabbing another babe who is busy playing with dick…
Only Cfnm @ No Bullshit

Published by on 27 Dec 2008

Pure Cfnm Christmas

Have you ever thought for a moment that the excitement of Cfnm scene proportionally depends on how many participants are involved? I still consider Extreme Cfnm parties to feature ideal settings for that with many horny wives engaged into the action. And the fact that you can’t predict at what any of them may get up to makes it so much entertaining to watch. Anyway, that’s what Pure Cfnm Christmas special is about where a total of nine clothed chicks spank and stroke one nude guy…

Cfnm Video
Pure Cfnm Christmas
Almost a dozen of naughty chicks against one naked guy
(Video taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

Published by admin on 24 Dec 2008

One Dollar Cfnm

Merry Christmas to you and your families guys and girls! Those of you who have been Cfnm Blog readers for long received their presents in form of new cfnm sites introduced recently Cfnm Secret and Cfnm Max. They are both fresh and exciting, with Cfnm Max coming from the same producers who brought us latest episodes of Cfnm Gold. And Cfnm Secret taking the whole thing further and ending each of their story with a little bit of hardcore action…

This time it is a moment for present for new comers and those who haven’t taken the offer when I first mentioned it - One Dollar Cfnm. Follow the link below to receive access to first genuine Clothed Females Naked males site in history Cfnm Exposed which competes with the best ones of them for featuring exclusive videos followed by stories -

Cfnm Exposed @ One Dollar Access to Breathtaking Site

Published by admin on 23 Dec 2008

Black Cfnm Max

Three sexy whores get locked in the cell for offering Cfnm Max services on the street. Only one guy who happens to be black is left for a night to watch them and they are sure to take advantage over this situation. They start to call different names at first, before distracting him with their hot body parts and chaining him to the cell to play with his big cock…

Link to Cfnm Max story movies added in your today’s portion of links -

Free Cfnm Site
Black warden jerked off by three white prostitutes locked in cell
(Movies taken from Cfnm Max members area)

Published by admin on 21 Dec 2008

Brandi Belle Cfnm Suck Off

I have already told that you will not get bored with this horny thing Brandi Belle. Once you have watched her crazy Cfnm idea for the week she comes up with another one for the next. This time a cock suck competition ‘Suck Off Handicap Match’ with two naked guys and three clothed chicks involved…


“It’s official, the suck off is on. It’s a handicap match of the suction artistry. The battle? In one cushion, you have the challengers Laura Love and Lisa D’Angelo. That’s right, a tag team. On the other cushion, you have Brandi Belle. The race is on, team suction Love & Lisa D’ use the suck and pull technique but Brandi is going strong with the traditional suck and tug technique. It’s a close race to get to the coming of the cum.”

See link to Cfnm Brandi Belle movie from ‘Suck Off Handicap Match’ episode in your today’s portion of links -

Cfnm Movie
Cfnm Suck
Brandi competes with her girlfriends in cock sucking
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by admin on 19 Dec 2008

Mature Cfnm Secret

To the popular demand clips from the first Cfnm Secret episode with drunk mature women having big cock for desert. Elegant dressed ladies decide to treat their best friend to something special. They organize a buffet party and invite nude guy as a servant who serves fruits and sweets from his naked body…

I insert link to Cfnm Secret mature movies in your today’s portion of links -

Cfnm Movies
Three mature women take advantage over one nude guys
(Movies taken from Cfnm Secret members area)

Published by admin on 17 Dec 2008

Cfnm Max Humiliation

Mechanics often take advantage of chicks who don’t know anything about cars, but not at Cfnm Max. This time three naughty girlfriends decide to have some fun with hot guy who has been servicing their new Jeep. They make him strip to spank his nude ass and later stroke his wrench…

Link to Humiliation Cfnm Max movies placed in your today’s portion of links -

Free Cfnm Site
Three chicks take control over mechanic and his wrench
(Movies taken from Cfnm Max members area)

Published by admin on 14 Dec 2008

Pure Cfnm Caught With Fleshlight

You are sure to remember this jerking device, which has been demonstrated in use by Lady Sonia twice - Fleshlight. Here is another reincarnation of the tool in action, this time from Pure Cfnm with four clothed girls try it on one naked guy who has mixed feelings about that…


“Simon is all excited because the Fleshlight “pretend vagina” that he ordered has arrived in the post. He goes to his bedroom, strips off and reads the instructions before sliding his cock inside and beginnning to enjoy himself. Unfortunately for him, his flat-mate Yasmin has finished her hockey practice early and has come home with friends Kaicee, Isabella and Amanda. The girls hear moaning and decide to investigate but aren’t prepared…”

Cfnm Video
Flesh Light
Nude guy jacked off with Fleshlight by his female roommate
(Video taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

Published by admin on 13 Dec 2008

Forced Men Cfnm Handjob

Unsuspecting guy gets lured by big boobed woman into her basement where even before Forced Man understands what goes on he finds himself laying on the table with his hands and legs tightly secured to the corners with leather straps. And this woman’s hands wrapped around his hard dick…

I add link to Forced Cfnm Humiliation pictures in your today’s portion of links -

Cfnm Handjob
Busty domme gives handjob to nude man strapped to the table
(Pictures taken from Forced Men members area)

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