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Published by on 19 Aug 2017

Cfnm Sensations for Women

I mentioned this site before - Sensations 4 Women (read first post here), but it was more than a year ago and some of new Cfnm Blog readers might not know about it. It’s a cfnm forum. It was originally created as female community, you can meet there Cfnm Helen, for example, but over the time became also popular among male cfnm audience. People exchange cfnm links and fantasies there, post news on their blogs and I myself drop by Sensations For Women when have a free minute. Check it out, you might like the place too ;)

Link attached in your today’s portion of links -

Sensations 4 Women @ Chat to Cfnm Connoisseurs Just Like Yourself

Published by on 11 Aug 2017

Cfnm Fever Movies

An addition to Cfnm Blog collection of movies - Cfnm Fever Movies. Cfnm Fever is site launched in the end of last year by our fellow cfnmers from Russia (read my first post about this site here). They allowed me to grab few clips from their recent update to show you what’s inside.

Find link to Cfnm Fever movies below, in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Cfnm Fever Movies
Naughty chicks make pizza guy to strip for big tip
(Movies taken from Cfnm Fever members area)

Published by on 03 Aug 2017

Brandi Belle Cfnm Shower

Created you a free site with Brandi Belle pictures. They’re from episode ‘The Blowjob That Never Was…’ which I told you about awhile ago (post located here). A guy writes a letter to Brandi and next moment she comes to him while he’s taking shower…

Link to free site with two cfnm galleries added in your today’s portion of links, see full videos at Brandi Belle site

CFNM Free Site
Brandi Belle giving a blowjob to naked guy in the shower
(Pictures taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 25 Jul 2017

Boy Med Exams Movies

Here’s movies gallery from Boy Med Exams to continue medical cfnm theme started in the last post on Cfnm USA update (this one). A beautiful nurse comes down from examining nude guy’s throat to his cock that gets extremely hard by that time. Embarrassed nurse tries to soak it in some purple fluid to get it down but it doesn’t help and she starts another type of procedures…

Link to Boy Med Exams movies I put in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Boy Med Exams Movies
Young practicing nurse inspecting nude guy’s high erection
(Movies taken from Boy Med Exams members area)

Published by on 17 Jul 2017

Penis Test at Cfnm USA

New gallery from Cfnm USA recent update. A guy comes to the doctor to complain about his penis problems. And for young female doctor to make the guy ejaculate seems like a right move to find out what actually is wrong with her patient…

Link to Cfnm USA movies with penis test included in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Penis Test at Cfnm USA
Female doctor checks functionality of her patient’s cock
(Movies taken from Cfnm USA members area)

Published by on 09 Jul 2017

Lady Sonia Cfnm Cumshot

Cfnm cumshot scene from Lady Sonia’s latest update. Remember I told you that Lady Sonia aims more and more at Cfnm community now and all her updates are relatively marked (read post here). In recent episode Lady Sonia sucking off a young stud until he explodes a heavy cum load on her chin and dark blouse…

I put link to updates with cumshot movie in your today’s portion of links, if you find this post in the archive you can get full video at Lady Sonia site -

Lady Sonia Cfnm @ New Cfnm Episodes Movies from English Domme

Published by on 30 Jun 2017

Loverboys Movies

Here’s a movie series from Extreme Cfnm’s sister site - Loverboys USA. Male stripper in captain’s uniform or what’s left from it - the hat invades into a crowd of already warmed up with drinks english chicks. Two girlfriends use moment to take some photos, then stripper gets a young lady on stage and mature chick demonstrates her cock suck experiences…

Link to Loverboys movie gallery attached in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Loverboys Movies
Naughty uk girls sucking off Loverboys male stripper
(Movies taken from Loverboys USA members area)

Published by on 22 Jun 2017

Extreme Cfnm Sucking

Footage from one of the parties held by Extreme Cfnm. After hot performance on stage nude male stripper goes into audience and gets drunk housewives to lick whipped creams off his long cock and suck it.

Link to cfnm sucking galleries included in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Free Site
Cfnm party with naked stripper gets several chicks to suck his cock
(Pictures taken from Extreme Cfnm members area)

Published by on 14 Jun 2017

Men In Pain Gallery

New cfnm gallery from Men In Pain. Horny man wanders into striptease club too earlier for the show and there is nobody around yet besides him and sexy stripper dressed like a princess. All guy’s naughty fantasies ruined soon after he gets strapped to the pole and stripped off his clothes…

Link to Men In Pain movie gallery attached in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Gallery
Men In Pain Gallery
Nude guy dominated by hot stripper before working hours
(Movies taken from Men In Pain members area)

Published by on 05 Jun 2017

The English Mansion Gallery

A movie gallery from The English Mansion for you. It contains four cfnm movies of different series. In the first scene, three mistresses in leather costumes teach a naked male good manners. In second one, ladies in secretary uniforms let their anger on a guy dressed like a woman. And two last are about several nude guys who get auctioned and then forced to have simulated sex with each other.

Link to The English Mansion gallery is in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Gallery
The English Mansion Gallery
Stripped men forced into kinky cfnm actions by english girls
(Movies taken from The English Mansion members area)

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