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Published by on 17 Jan 2018

Cfnm Movie Samples

Cfnm Blog directory of sample movies from different cfnm sites has just been recently updated. Among new additions - funny video clip from Brandi Belle and series from The Cfnm Site.

Link to cfnm movie collection added in your today’s portion of links -

Cfnm Movies @ Sample Clips from Clothed Females Naked Males Sites

Published by on 08 Jan 2018

Cfnm USA Plastic Shield

Wonder if it’s coincidence or not, but episode from latest Cfnm USA update - ‘Plastic Shield’ resembles me scene from Brandi Belle site. Last year there was one of crazy Brandi’s performances ‘Penis Parade’ (see this post) where among different other tricks she forced a group of naked guys to cum on piece of plexiglass. Anyway, here’s new scene - a jury of four clothed females sit at the table and rank guys’ masturbation skills, when another nude contestant walks in with a sheet of plastic… Read full story:


“Gus has been with us before and has always performed well…very well! Still, we decided to run him though our Masturbation Contest to see how he would do. He didn’t disappoint at all. To the ladies delight Gus showed up naked with a raging hard-on in one hand and a sheet of plastic in the other. He told them in was necessary and he was not kidding. The 4 women rate his cock and performance as Gus poses, waves his dong around, and jerks off. Gus gets so excited he’s soon standing directly in front of the judging table, shooting one of his patented, 7 spurt loads, all over the plastic sheet. The cum literally drips onto the floor! The ladies cheer and clap to thank him for a great performance and Gus takes a bow. Each lady then rates him just for you. A must see!!!”

Sample movies of ‘Plastic Shield’ scenario I put in your today’s portion of links, full video get at Cfnm USA -

CFNM Movies
Cfnm USA Plastic Shield
Naked guy shoots his load on four women under plastic shield
(Movies taken from Cfnm USA members area)

Published by on 31 Dec 2017

Free Pure Cfnm

Free movies from Pure Cfnm Friday’s episode - ‘Garage Sale’. Couple sort through their old clothes to see what they can get for garage sale. Wendy finds a funny looking male bathing costume and makes her boyfriend put it on, just in the moment when their friends walks in… Full story:


“Wendy is sorting through her boyfriend’s old clothes to see what can be sold in their garage sale. She comes across an old style bathing costume which she makes him try on for a laugh. Just as he puts it on, in walks Roxy and Emma who can’t believe how silly he looks. Their attention is soon diverted to his groin where the material doesn’t hide his bulge and when Wendy isn’t looking they grope his cock. When Wendy turns round and sees him with a hard-on she is annoyed as they won’t be able to try anything else on with him like that. She makes him strip and soon all three girls are taking turns to stroke his cock in an effort to make him cum so his erection will go down. He holds out for as long as he can but eventually lets fly with a big orgasm that covers Wendy’s hands.”

Get sample free cfnm movies of ‘Garage Sale’ episode in your today’s portion of links, full video watch at Pure Cfnm -

CFNM Movies
Free Pure Cfnm
Guy in retro bathing suit gets milked by his female friends
(Movies taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

Published by on 23 Dec 2017

The Cfnm Site Movies

To follow my post about The Cfnm Site gallery (this one), here’s a couple of cfnm movies from another scene. A guy who was caught sniffing panties receives a lesson in good behavior from his roommate and her friend. Girls cuff him to pink pillow as a punishment, strips him of his pants and began to stroke his dick… Or was it a reward? ;)

Find link to The Cfnm Site movie gallery in your today’s portion of links below -

CFNM Movies
The Cfnm Site Movies
Girlfriends take turns in jerking off their naked roommate
(Movies taken from The Cfnm Site members area)

Published by on 14 Dec 2017

The Cfnm Site Gallery

Here’s the first cfnm gallery to be released outside The Cfnm Site members area since it’s launch (read this post). It’s a classical three on two scene - ‘Bored Employees Called Their Boyfriends’. Two clothed girls and their co-worker, who hasn’t seen a real big cock in her life, playing with naked boyfriends’ genitalias in the office… Read the beginning of the story below:


“It all started while I was slacking off at the office with my two girlfriends Mina and Jackie. Since our boss was out for the day, we spent our time browsing some porn on the web. While we browsed our discussion turned to men and their packages. I felt a little left out. They went on about how great their boyfriends cocks were yet all I had to share were my terrible experiences with tiny wangs. August and Mina just couldn’t believe it. They were shocked to have discovered that I hadn’t dealt with a well-hung cock in my life. Immediately they grabbed their cell phones and invited their boyfriends over for a visit. It wasn’t long before the guys arrived at the office, ragging on all of us for watching porn when we were supposed to be working. “Is this what you do at the office all day?” One of them asked. To which Mina replied, “Well, we got really bored and Jana here, she’s used to seeing vienna sausages - if you know what i mean. so we thought we’d help her out a little bit… we thought maybe you could show her what REAL dicks look like…” I grinned as I saw both boys wide-eyed and amazed at the suggestion…”

Link to pictures from ‘Bored Employees Called Their Boyfriends’ episode attached in your today’s portion of links, watch full story at The Cfnm Site -

CFNM Pictures
The Cfnm Site Gallery
Women co-workers compare their boyfriends’ dicks
(Pictures taken from The Cfnm Site members area)

Published by on 06 Dec 2017

The Cfnm Site

Hot News! New cfnm site has been launched today - The Cfnm Site. From the same producer as Cfnm Exposed, Cfnm Idol and who helped with the development of legendary 4CFNM in his earlier career. But none of the mentioned sites come close to quality standards The Cfnm Site sets up with its appearance.
We liked the stories from Cfnm Exposed, we get twice as much text for each episode at The Cfnm Site. We liked the ideas for scenarios brought by members of Cfnm Idol, same fans as you and me, we get scenes based on cfnm lovers fantasies inside The Cfnm Site. It’s like having everything improved for past two years since we got his first site Cfnm Exposed introduced (read post here).
Some The Cfnm Site episodes may repeat ones you saw at other sites, such as ‘Guy Plays Strip Poker With Female Roomates’ (originally Cfnm Exposed) or ‘Pizza Boy Gets Jerked Off On First Delivery’ (Cfnm Fever). But that’s fine with me until I watch new participants, reaction and excitement in each scene.
So if you haven’t been to specialized Cfnm Site where empowered fully clothed women take control over naked men who enjoy being dominated, or searching for more exciting Cfnm Experiences then The Cfnm Site is the place to go.

I put a link to The Cfnm Site front page where you can see previews of episodes featured inside in your today’s portion of links -

The Cfnm Site @ Clothed Babes Jerk Off Exposed Men

Published by on 28 Nov 2017

Sex At Party Hardcore

New movie series from Party Hardcore site. This series from the final part of one of their parties to shows you what happens when the alcohol start to flow and girls get horny. Holding cock in hands becomes not enough for them anymore, they want to feel it inside.

Check link to Party Hardcore movies in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Sex At Party Hardcore
Sex crazed blonde takes strippers cocks one by one
(Movies taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Published by on 19 Nov 2017

Pure Cfnm Girls

Friday’s update from Pure Cfnm - ‘What’s It Like?’. Several girls talking about what it is like to have a cock, to stroke it and does it really flops when the guy walk. In that moment caretaker comes in… Read full story below:


“Three girls are chatting about what it’s like to have a penis. They wonder whether it flops about when you walk and what it’s really like to have a wank. Just then the caretaker comes in to clean the room and the girls hatch a plan and insist he strips for them or the girl’s father will have him fired! He refuses but the girls rip his clothes off saying they are going to hijack his penis. Once stripped, they take it in turns to stand behind him and wank him off as if it’s their own cock, then they get him to sit on top of them so they can reach around and grope him. Then finally they lie him on the floor and sit on him so it looks as if the cock is coming from between their own legs! They take it in turns to wank him until he cums and then tell him to clean up the mess!”

Sample clips from ‘What’s It Like?’ episode located in your today’s portion of links, watch entire video at Pure Cfnm -

CFNM Movies
Pure Cfnm Girls
Three clothed girls take turns in jerking off a nude guy
(Movies taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

Published by on 11 Nov 2017

Darering Cfnm Games

I haven’t told you before, but besides the original Truth Or Dare there are different other games played at Cfnm Darering. See below screenshots of three cfnm games from BONUS Section at the site. The first one is popular Twisters, only at Darering you watch naked guys and girls bend over each other and rub their body parts off partners’. The other is Spinning the Bottle, when a person at whom bottle is pointing to has to undress. And third game - card Strip Poker and here you know the rules ;)

I put link to Cfnm Darering in your today’s portion of links, where you can view games played on video -

CFNM Games
Bonus Cfnm Games
Different games of cfnm played by college students
(Previews taken from Darering members area)

Published by on 03 Nov 2017

Brandi Belle Cfnm Open

Today’s episode from Brandi Belle - ‘Open House’. It’s all staged of course, but see in preview below how Brandi comes up with the idea of sucking nude guy in the kitchen again. Her another kitchen blowjob episode was ‘The Bet’ (read about it here)…


“Wanted to a little more dramatic acting again for you guys…well really its for me cause i have suck fun doing it…i think my skills have impressed dont you? Well my acting skills my not be the best but we all know about my blowjob skills dont we? I know my buddy charles sure knows about it after this shoot. The story goes as this: im looking to buy a house My buddy charles plays the realtor. After i look around the house and inspect it n all that i make charles an offer on the house..can you guys guess what the offer was…ill give you a hint…him naked and me sucking his dick till he cums all in my mouth is a major part of the offer…did i give too much away i hope not your still gunna watch it write? even though i just spoiled the ending..well actually theres a surprise ending after that which im not gunna tell you what that is…ok ill tell you..wait! no! stop trying to trick me! who am i talking to! Im feeling weird im gunna end this here enjoy it boys and girls!”

Sample movie from ‘Open House’ scene I put in your today’s portion of links and full video get at Brandi Belle site -

CFNM Movie
Brandi Belle Cfnm Open
Brandi blowing a naked guy on the kitchen table
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)

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