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Published by on 20 Jun 2016

Pure Cfnm Hitchhiker

This year’s first update from Pure Cfnm - ‘Hitchhiker’. Two naughty chicks lift up a guy on a road and take him in the middle of some field when he falls asleep. Then refuse to drive him anywhere until he undress and jerk in front of them. Full story below…:


“As they are driving along Emma and Jane spot a guy hitch-hiking. They pick him up and when he falls asleep they drive him into the middle of nowhere and force him out of the car before insisting he strips naked for their viewing pleasure. He refuses but they say unless he does it they will leave him there!
Reluctantly he starts to strip off and the girls gasp in excitement as they see his cock. It is a good size and they start groping him. All this attention soon has the hitchhiker’s cock standing on end and the girls lie him down so they can have a good play with his cock and balls. Eventually they make him stand up again because they want to see his legs buckle as they jerk him to orgasm. And its an orgasm which impresses the girls - enough for them to decide to actually give him a lift to where he wanted to go!”

Link to few sample clips of ‘Hitchhiker’ episode I add in your today’s portion of links, full scenes download at Pure Cfnm -

CFNM Movies
Pure Cfnm Hitchhiker
Girlfriends force hitchhiking guy to strip for them and cum
(Movies taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

Published by on 12 Jun 2016

Hot Porn News

A quick note on Hot Porn News (my second blog, read post about it here). Since the beginning of 2007 I decide to update it Daily. Which means when you have a free day from reading Cfnm Blog, you can find something fresh and interesting at Hot Porn News. It will guide you thru what’s going on in porn world (cfnm news highlighted also). How it works : not to get you bored with my writings, I now post free porn galleries too. But not just your average porn galleries you see all over the place - galleries with really beautiful nude girls I pick myself. Beautiful girls is my other passion after Cfnm as you might guess ;) The next day goes quality series from random site already reviewed at Hot Porn News and one day I take to tell you about super new porn site that has been launched few days before…

Hot Porn News @ Cfnm and General Porn News with Daily Galleries

Published by on 04 Jun 2016

Party Hardcore American Stripper

Two parts of the first 2007 update have been added inside Party Hardcore members area and previews on front page already. American stripper opens up the show with his fantastic performance for about a hundred of horny amateur chicks. And several try to tear apart the last piece of his cloths and one gets a chance to jerk his cock on stage. See full party video at Party Hardcore.

Link to sample cfnm gallery of newest Party Hardcore event attached in your today’s portion of links, provided by my other blog Hot Porn News (read post here). By the way, all pictures at Hot Porn News I keep the same high size / quality as they are in members area. Enjoy.

CFNM Pictures
Party Hardcore American Stripper
Horny european babes get their hands on party male stripper
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Published by on 26 May 2016

Hot Party Hardcore

You might want to know which cfnm site was most popular among Cfnm Blog readers in 2006. Not hard guess - Party Hardcore. Actually, Party Hardcore considered leading site since it’s appearance in 2003. Party Hardcore has everything for wide range of your fantasies: be it a quick cfnm handjob performed by naughty young lady from the audience or male stripper who fuck horny participant for you cfnm hardcore lovers. And until another site appear that offer something similar, Party Hardcore will remain a favorite choice in cfnm community. Check the legend…

Link to Party Hardcore find in your today’s portion of links -

Party Hardcore @ Leading Cfnm Site In 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Published by on 18 May 2016

4CFNM Gallery

Have been checking statistic for the past year and it’s amazing - 4CFNM has not been updated since 2005, I even mentioned this fact at Cfnm Blog and people still continue to buy memberships there. Truly, “Cfnm classics do not die”. And thanks to Iceman for not taking 4CFNM from us, it was one of the sites which build CFNM how we know it and 4CFNM will remain in history. Read my first post about 4CFNM in archives (this link). And here’s cfnm gallery with footage from one of the latest parties held by 4CFNM team, in case you’ve missed that…

Link to 4CFNM gallery attached in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Gallery
4CFNM Gallery
Iceman gets two wives on stage for some private show
(Pictures taken from 4CFNM members area)

Published by on 01 May 2016

Extreme Cfnm Stripper

New pictures from Extreme Cfnm site I haven’t shown you before. On first gallery cfnm stripper gets two wives (you can even see a wedding ring on hand of one of them) from the audience on stage and they suck him under the towel. And second, the stripper goes in public where several women have a chance to give him a jerk.

Link to freesite with cfnm galleries attached in your today’s portion of links, watch full party at Extreme Cfnm -

CFNM Free Site
Horny wives touch naked cfnm strippers cock with hands and mouth
(Pictures taken from Extreme Cfnm members area)

Published by on 23 Apr 2016

Cfnm Feeds

First post this year, and a new addition to the net of my cfnm sites - Cfnm Feeds. Not a secret that many new Cfnm Blogs appeared for the past year - Cfnm niche is becoming popular and, while it loses its intimacy, more quality cfnm stuff appear online = more cfnm interaction for everybody. And instead of competing with all that Cfnm Blogs I decided to share their list with you. That’s where the idea of Cfnm Feeds came up. Cfnm Feeds based on new technology, which allows you to follow updates on several blogs at one page… Read detailed instructions at Cfnm Feeds.

I include a link in your today’s portion of links and Happy New Year!

Cfnm Feeds @ Follow Updates On All Cfnm Blogs In One Place

my sites: Cfnm Links, Cfnm Top, Cfnm Party Sex and Original Cfnm Blog

Published by on 15 Apr 2016

Pure Cfnm Santa

Pure Cfnm come late with their Christmas episode, but just in time for that part of the world where New Year is most desired holiday and celebrated by the whole country. Karlie traditionally goes to see Santa and this time she puts on a short skirt. In few moments, after grown up Karlie sits on Santa’s knees and starts to make a wish, Santa’s mood arises gradually. Karlie feels something hard touches her and curious to check it… The story:


“Karlie has a tradition that every year she goes to see Santa Claus. But when she sits on Santa’s knee in her short skirt and low cut top, it soon has an effect on Santa. As Karlie is telling him what she wants for Christmas, she suddenly feels something sticking into her. As she grabs it to see what it is, she finds that Santa has got an erection! After getting over the shock she decides she wants to see more, slowly undressing him before getting his cock out! As she starts to stroke it, Santa’s little helper Rose walks in. She is shocked too, but then decides to join in. With both the girls fondling and stroking his cock it’s not long before Santa gets too excited and cums all over his chest! The girls leave him to get cleaned up but the next customer comes in too quickly and gets a shock when she sees Santa lying there naked!”

Find link to sample clips of ‘Santa’s Grotto’ scene in your today’s portion of liks, watch all other stories at Pure Cfnm -

and Happy New Year!

CFNM Movies
Santa gets his cock stroked by two young ladies
(Movies taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

Published by on 06 Apr 2016

Shannon’s Handjobs

While surfing the net on Christmas evening found this site - Shannon’s Handjobs at another Cfnm Blog which took my attention. Umm… for several days now. Shannon is a young nice looking blonde who likes to jerk off cocks like nothing in her life. A Cock! as in all the scenes I’ve seen Shannon is giving handjob to the same guy, Matt, her boyfriend I suppose. The girl usually appears fully clothed which makes it for your fantasies to associate her with whoever you want. Sometimes Shannon puts on ‘fetish uniform‘ - cop, nurse, maid, others. And places where she strokes Matt’s dick range from the floor in the bathroom, to gym room and seems they used every corner of their house too :) Shannon’s Handjob will be a nice addition to Rob And Jill site, but now participants are tad younger and it doesn’t feel so painful like when you watch Jill squeezes Rob’s balls, hehe. And definitely another cfnm site worth to spend some time at.

I add link to Shannon’s Handjobs in your today’s portion of links and don’t forget to check back in one day for the last post of 2006 -

Shannon’s Handjobs @ Pretty Blonde Milk Her Boyfriend Hundred Times

Published by on 29 Mar 2016

Brandi Belle Facial

Third post as we collect cfnm gifts from all over the net… The first was from Party Hardcore (post here), second one from Cfnm USA (post here) and now Brandi Belle sends you holiday wishes. Or better say her friend sends his on her face, see today’s episode ‘Facial’. Nothing extreme happens there, Brandi gets on her knees and a naked guy strokes his cock until shoot a load of Christmas cream on Brandi’s cute face. Note from Brandi:


“I decided this week seeing as everybody is so busy with the all the holidays and what not i decided to keep things simple..short and sweet if you will…actually more salty than sweet hehehe. This is actually oddly enough a shoot that has been requested by alot of you guys which i find odd cause it involves me doing nothing really but sitting on my knees waiting for my friend daniel hear to cum in my face. Really, thats all there is i wait he wacks it then my face is full of cum..well on that note i have a lot of last minute christmas shopping to do so ill leave you guys to this shoot i know its not the most exciting but it still has all the!!! oh yeah but there is one thing missing and thats my voice cause my dopey camera guy recorded this with no sound and if you all remember correctly this isnt the first time hes screwed up so he is skating on some very thin ice but it being the holidays n all i told him ive give him one more chance i told him to but some nice classical music over it when he edits it so i hope it still comes out enjoyable for all you guys… hehe i promise ill make it up to you guys next week luv ya’ll and happy holidays na ll that.”

Link to ‘Facial’ episode preview pictures and movie I put in your today’s portion of links, full scene and others watch at Brandi Belle -

CFNM Movie
Brandi receives cum shot on her face in the kitchen
(Pictures taken from Brandi Belle members area)

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