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Published by on 19 Nov 2017

Pure Cfnm Girls

Friday’s update from Pure Cfnm - ‘What’s It Like?’. Several girls talking about what it is like to have a cock, to stroke it and does it really flops when the guy walk. In that moment caretaker comes in… Read full story below:


“Three girls are chatting about what it’s like to have a penis. They wonder whether it flops about when you walk and what it’s really like to have a wank. Just then the caretaker comes in to clean the room and the girls hatch a plan and insist he strips for them or the girl’s father will have him fired! He refuses but the girls rip his clothes off saying they are going to hijack his penis. Once stripped, they take it in turns to stand behind him and wank him off as if it’s their own cock, then they get him to sit on top of them so they can reach around and grope him. Then finally they lie him on the floor and sit on him so it looks as if the cock is coming from between their own legs! They take it in turns to wank him until he cums and then tell him to clean up the mess!”

Sample clips from ‘What’s It Like?’ episode located in your today’s portion of links, watch entire video at Pure Cfnm -

CFNM Movies
Pure Cfnm Girls
Three clothed girls take turns in jerking off a nude guy
(Movies taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

Published by on 11 Nov 2017

Darering Cfnm Games

I haven’t told you before, but besides the original Truth Or Dare there are different other games played at Cfnm Darering. See below screenshots of three cfnm games from BONUS Section at the site. The first one is popular Twisters, only at Darering you watch naked guys and girls bend over each other and rub their body parts off partners’. The other is Spinning the Bottle, when a person at whom bottle is pointing to has to undress. And third game - card Strip Poker and here you know the rules ;)

I put link to Cfnm Darering in your today’s portion of links, where you can view games played on video -

CFNM Games
Bonus Cfnm Games
Different games of cfnm played by college students
(Previews taken from Darering members area)

Published by on 03 Nov 2017

Brandi Belle Cfnm Open

Today’s episode from Brandi Belle - ‘Open House’. It’s all staged of course, but see in preview below how Brandi comes up with the idea of sucking nude guy in the kitchen again. Her another kitchen blowjob episode was ‘The Bet’ (read about it here)…


“Wanted to a little more dramatic acting again for you guys…well really its for me cause i have suck fun doing it…i think my skills have impressed dont you? Well my acting skills my not be the best but we all know about my blowjob skills dont we? I know my buddy charles sure knows about it after this shoot. The story goes as this: im looking to buy a house My buddy charles plays the realtor. After i look around the house and inspect it n all that i make charles an offer on the house..can you guys guess what the offer was…ill give you a hint…him naked and me sucking his dick till he cums all in my mouth is a major part of the offer…did i give too much away i hope not your still gunna watch it write? even though i just spoiled the ending..well actually theres a surprise ending after that which im not gunna tell you what that is…ok ill tell you..wait! no! stop trying to trick me! who am i talking to! Im feeling weird im gunna end this here enjoy it boys and girls!”

Sample movie from ‘Open House’ scene I put in your today’s portion of links and full video get at Brandi Belle site -

CFNM Movie
Brandi Belle Cfnm Open
Brandi blowing a naked guy on the kitchen table
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 25 Oct 2017

Lady Sonia Pov

Came across this sexy cfnm scene from Lady Sonia. What’s P.O.V. I already described in my post about Pure Cfnm (read it here). And I think Lady Sonia needs no introduction. She’s the hottest milf I’ve met online and that’s not only because of her look, but style in dressing, attitude and charm. She’s jerking off a guy in this scene looking in the camera…

Link to Lady Sonia movies located in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Lady Sonia Pov
Lady Sonia masturbating hard cock until it cums
(Movies taken from Lady Sonia members area)

Published by on 17 Oct 2017

Male Stripper Videos

Video gallery from Loverboys / Extreme Cfnm store where you can buy their cfnm party movies on DVD or download (read this post). Nude male stripper goes in public after performance where he grabs two girlfriends, whom later you can see sharing his cock under the towel on stage…

Link to videos from Male Striper DVDs shop you can find below in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Videos
Male Stripper Videos
Stripper gets english teen chicks to suck his long cock
(Videos taken from Male Stripper DVDs collection)

Published by on 08 Oct 2017

Money Talks Cfnm

Not entirely Cfnm site - Money Talks, it’s about a team that offer ordinary girls and guys money for crazy things. I tell about this site at Hot Porn News (this post). I found one cfnm gallery in their collection. Well, maybe they didn’t mean it to be Cfnm, but sexy latina maid sucking off a naked guy in hotel room makes me hot. In 1st movie when a camera man chatting up maid, the other guy already has nothing under his robe. And the 4th movie actually made the scene. Full video you can find at Money Talks site…

Link to Money Talks movie gallery attached in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Money Talks Cfnm
Latina maid does her service duties to nude guy
(Movies taken from Money Talks members area)

Published by on 30 Sep 2017

Cum For Cover

Remember following cfnm cum site from producers of Party Hardcore - Cum Squad. It features girls being plastered in cum from several cocks. And which was closed due to high production cost (read post here)? I found you the exchange to Cum Squad, brand new site Cum For Cover. I tell about at Hot Porn News

Find link to Cum For Cover review and samples in your today’s portion of links -

Cum For Cover

Published by on 22 Sep 2017

Pure Cfnm Party

Just received a note on first Pure Cfnm update in May - ‘Anne Summers Party’. It’s about a group of girls that organize party where different sexy lingerie and toys get exposed. Not long when a male model demonstrating hot panties becomes an object of admiring for these four naughty chicks himself… Preview:


“Four girls are having an Anne Summers party and checking out all the new lingerie and dildos on offer. When the lodger returns home they decide he should model some of the mens range. He is reluctant but they are soon laughing their heads off as he is forced to strut around in the skimpy underwear. The girls grab and pull at the thongs to see what the material is like but before long they seem more interested in what is IN the thongs! Sammy hands him a thong with velcro attachments and as he parades in front of them they rip the thong off and laugh as his cock is exposed! His embarrassment soons turns to arousal as the girls start fondling his cock. When they sit him on the sofa, crowd round him and take it in turns to stroke his cock it’s not long before he cums all over his stomach - greeted by a huge cheer from the girls.”

I attach link to ‘Anne Summers Party’ movies in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Pure Cfnm Party Pure Cfnm Party Pure Cfnm Party
Several girls take pants off the guy and strokes his cock
(Movies taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

Published by on 13 Sep 2017

Real Party Hardcore

A member of Sensations For Women forum asks question which became historical now - “Is Party Hardcore real?”. Yes, I reply to him, everybody knows it. Then I go to Party Hardcore site to get him a quote where they explain how Party Hardcore is created and notice little change since I told you Party Hardcore Truth. In old version it was said that 3-5 paid models get invited every time to the show to heat up the atmosphere, so ordinary girls would get involved into the action and I could saw well-known eurobabes at their cfnm parties. But not anymore, this part about paid girls is cropped from the explanation as well as you won’t see fake girls at Party Hardcore shows since middle of 2006. Which makes it more realistic and even more attractive. As over 5 years Party Hardcore remains the most popular site of its kind (other sites feature cfnm parties are Extreme Cfnm and 4CFNM).

Link to previews from Party Hardcore latest shows attached in your today’s portion of links -

Genuine amateur girls in hardcore partying with strippers
(Movies taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Published by on 05 Sep 2017

Brandi Belle Cfnm Footjob

New scene from little Cfnm pervert Brandi Belle - ‘Revenge of the FootJob’. It refers to this episode ‘The Bet’ (read post here), where Brandi’s friend bets she can’t make a guy cum with blowjob in 10 minutes, guess who wins? So this time Brandi decides to take a revenge and actually make a guy cum using only her sexy feet. She also gives you a little briefing on what foot fetish is about in her preview… Read it:


“While I know some of you are going to like this more than others cause hey, not everybodies got a foot fetish but i like to think when im doin it it should be enjoyable for everyone just cause of how darn cute i am and well…how good i am at doing them. I thought you guys might find this arti=cle i found on foot fetishes interesting.”For a foot fetishist, points of attraction include the shape and size of the foot and toes,(how can you get any cuter than mine) the texture of the skin, cleanliness, state of dress (no one takes better care of there feet then i do) and odor (fyi my feet smell like a meadow of roses on qa cool spring afternoon). Foot lovers may enjoy sniffing, touching, tickling, kissing, licking, sucking, and/or lovemaking with the objects of their affections.(all that sounds like fun to me!) Like other paraphilias, foot fetishism encompasses a wide range of predilections;( whatever that means) one foot fetishist may be aroused by scenarios that another fetishist finds unerotic or even repulsive.( as long as im in the scenerio its always attractive!) Websites exist that cater to a number of specialized scenarios(a website huh?), including: feet pushing down on gas or brake pedals, feet crushing objects like balloons or toy cars, women walking barefoot on uncomfortable surfaces( sorry guys your not gunna find me doin that) such as hot pavement( ouch!!), feet being pushed into mud or food, foot torture(never not my presious feet!!!) (i.e. having the soles of their feet tortured or punished by whippings, hot wax, or burnt with cigarettes)(there sure are some sickos huh guysZ!), and feet being bound and tickled.”(that i think i can handle however to me the what makes a good footjob is whether or not you can get the guy off with it i sure got that covered.”

Find link to ‘Revenge of the FootJob’ episode movie in your today’s portion of links, full video available at Brandi Belle site -

CFNM Movie
Brandi Belle Cfnm Footjob
Brandi gives a footjob to half naked guy with her beautiful feet
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)

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