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Published by on 26 Aug 2015

Drunk Sex Orgy Gallery

New Drunk Sex Orgy gallery with sample pictures for you to follow my last post about Eromaxx. No those are not from Bay Watch party yet, but something outrageous, wet, dirty and hot as usual. Barbara Summer appears there also, by the way. Link is in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Dozen of girls take champagne and cumshot shower on stage
(Pictures taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

Published by on 17 Aug 2015

Eromaxx Drunk Sex Orgy

I told you about Eromaxx Blog before (read here). And yesterday Barbara Summer posted there a preview on next Drunk Sex Orgy update they filmed that day which I’m willing to see now. It’s based on serial Bay Watch with sexy Eromaxx models dressed like safe guards from the movie. Just imagine what dozen of hot girls in tight swim-suits injected with alcohol cocktails and group of well-hung dudes can get up to… Definitely something to warm you up on this cold autumn month ;)Here’s the first lines of her preview -


“Hi guys, I was away yesterday because we shoot new DrunkSexOrgy and we had great motive for it, we took idea from famous TV serial Bay Watch! We also even had real send there and some of us (including me) were clothed like safe guards. We also had bay watch tower there. It was a lot of fun, there was a lot of very good actresses featuring, for example Miss Piss was there, Briana Belucci, Christina Lee, Victoria Rose, Claudia Adams and many other sexy stars…”

Read full post and all others at Eromaxx Blog, link is in your today’s portion of links. And as soon as this party released in members area I will let you now here at Cfnm Blog -

Follow updates on Eromaxx with Barbara Summer(click BLOG on menu)
(News taken from Eromaxx members area)

Published by on 09 Aug 2015

Brandi Belle Public

Latest Brandi Belle’s cfnm episode for October - ‘Gastation Bathroom’. Brandi hides in the male room with her cameraman and waits for the victim, nice looking guy she could give a blowjob to, film this and show on her site. Not much time pass as such guy appears, his name Pike. After little talk Pike agrees to pose for the scene, wouldn’t you? Brandi knees down, takes his pants off and starts on what she does best… The story:


“I know how you guys love the public stuff and you guys know how i always aim to please. Although i do have to apologize since you guys are missing alot of the footage we shot for the intro of this shoot since my cameraman decided to stay out way to late the night before we shot this. Luckily i notice he was shooting basically with his eyes close before i started giving a blowjob to the this guy Pike i think his name was…anyway so yeah this guy came into the bathroom was pretty cool about me being in there seeing as its the mens room at all and he didnt take much persuausion to get a bj from me on camera…that was when i noticed my cameraguy falling asleep so i slapped him around a bit which this Pike guy seemed to enjoy watching (weirdo!) and he woke up so that you guys get to enjoy the wonderful Bj in the mens bathroom at a gas station.”

Sample clip from ‘Gastation Bathroom’ scene attached in your today’s portion of links, get videos of all featured episodes at Brandi Belle -

CFNM Movie
Brandi giving a blowjob to stranger in public toilet
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 31 Jul 2015

Pure Cfnm Contest

New Friday scenario from Pure Cfnm - ‘Is It True About Bodybuilders?’. Friend Jess comes to dressing room to oil her friend Daniel’s muscles before competition and naughty desire light up in her mind, to check if it’s true that bodybuilders have small penises. To her surprise and to the surprise of contest organizer Pascha who walks in a moment later it is Not True… The entire story:


“Daniel is in the warm up room getting ready for the bodybuilding contest when Jess comes in to take his muscle measurements and oil him up. As she works she can’t take her eyes off his tiny posing pouch and wonders if it is true that bodybuilders have small willys. Without asking, she quickly pulls his thong down so she can see for herself. He is annoyed but she tells him that another bodybuilding folklore is that if he ejaculates before going on stage his body will look more defined. He isn’t convinced but when she starts stroking his cock and then puts it in her mouth and gives him a blowjob, he doesn’t complain. Just then, competition organiser Pascha walks in. She is shocked but likes what she sees and decides to have a play as well. With both the girls stroking his cock its not long before Daniel cums!”

Gallery with samples cfnm movies from ‘Is It True About Bodybuilders?’ scenario attached in your today’s portion of links, watch full video and other episodes at Pure Cfnm -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Two curious girls suck and measure bodybuilder before contest
(Movies taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

Published by on 23 Jul 2015

Party Hardcore Galleries

Spent last night working on Party Hardcore site. As you might have noticed here and at Drunk Sex Orgy updates appear almost the same time. You can catch them also inside Eromaxx members area as well as updates on their other 11 sites, which is total 13 updates a week! I include a link to sample cfnm galleries of latest Party Hardcore event in your today’s portion of links. Few nude strippers go in public to entertain girls and some use opportunity to have a taste of strangers cock, others more brave (or drunk?) with their tops up and pants down receive a more personal treat on stages in front of shocked friends.

CFNM Free Site
Drunk teens going mad sucking and fucking naked party strippers
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Published by on 15 Jul 2015

Drunk Fuck Fest

First part of Oktober fuck fest update has been posted on Drunk Sex Orgy front page in the beginning of this week. Guys dressed like elfs have fun with horny babes in country girls costumes who suck liters of beer and cocks. As party heats up more chicks warmed up with alcohol get on stage for their piece of wunsch-stick. Crazy as always and original like nowhere before this event turns into one mega cock suck competition.

Link to couple cfnm galleries from Oktoberfest attached in your today’s portion of links, watch full party up to the end and others at Drunk Sex Orgy -

CFNM Free Site
Fuck fest with dozen of hot babes getting screwed by crazy elfs
(Pictures taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

Published by on 06 Jul 2015

Brandi Belle Russian

Last week Brandi Belle cfnm update - ‘Russian Gets An American Handjob’. A friend asks Brandi to take a guy, house-mate from foreign student exchange program, around the town and show him a good time. Brandi goes straight for the ‘good time’, for cock, as usual… Read full story below and yes handjob in russia doesn’t count as you’ve had a sex, so if they would organize cfnm parties like ones you see at Loverboys USA in russia all those wives jerking strippers cocks won’t be considered as cheaters ;)


“So my friend just got involved in a foriegn exchange student program, shes not being exchanged but she signed up to house a guy from russia for one semester. She called me up last friday to ask me if i could take him out on the town and show him a good time. She said he was cute so i agreed only i decided to skip the town and go right to the good time. I figured i might as well kill two birds with one rock and film it for you guys…he was sketchy about it at first but i told him it was only for my personal library which is half true i just forgot to mention i shae my personal library with all of you guys…i should add that i consider all you guys my dear friends and you’re suppose to share with friends right? Concious shmoncious…hehe Anyway he told me he had a girlfriend and all he would want is a handjob cause apparantly handjobs are just a casual way of being social in russia like me giving you a kiss on the cheek. I did it it was fun..i also asked him some question about russia cause i thought maybe some of you guys might be commy bastards!jk :) luvya byebye!”

Link to sample clip of ‘Russian Gets An American Hadnjob’ episode find in your today’s portion of links, watch full collection at Brandi Belle -

CFNM Movie
Brandi gives handjob to russian guy while both stay clothes
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 28 Jun 2015

Loverboys Male Strippers

Seems like Loverboys USA team decided to extend their special offer on Male Stripper DVDs and they are still available with discount. More chances for those of you who haven’t used this option yet to go and grab a couple. For ease of use I added a direct button to Loverboys DVD Shop from the right, now you can click it anytime and it will take you directly to the shop.

I created few pages with fresh Loverboys photos in the end of the week, which are screen caps from actual cfnm videos you can download inside or get on DVD, link is in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Free Site
Ordinary wives cheat on their hubbies at male stripper party
(Pictures taken from Loverboys USA members area)

Published by on 20 Jun 2015

Male Stripper DVDs

As I’ve told you, Loverboys celebrating it’s 7th year online anniversary by offering huge 30% discounts in their DVD Shop (post located here). This offer is valid until 19th October - today! and today in the morning they release new Loverboys Volume 8. 87 minutes of pure cfnm debauchery from latest parties with wives, daughters, aunts go crazy for hot strippers. Hurry up and get your copy to watch at home full screen for a discount price, link to Cfnm DVD shop in your today’s portion of links -

Amazing male stripper parties DVDs from Loverboys USA
(Videos taken from Loverboys USA members area)

Published by on 11 Jun 2015

Pure Cfnm School

Second month since summer gone and school time began for horny college guys Pure Cfnm release new episode on this theme - ‘Late For Class’. Biology class, first time this year, was already running when Matt appeared dressed as if her was just after the last nights party. Because of this and him being late desperate teacher decides to give him a lesson in good behavior when suddenly headmaster secretary walks in. Full story below…


“Matt walks into the classroom late and without his school uniform. The teacher is furious and makes him drop his trousers before putting him across her knee and spanking him! As it is a human biology class she leads him by his penis from desk to desk so the girls can have a close up look at his cock! With precum oozing out of his cock, the girls use their rulers to measure his penis and then ask the teacher what happens when he gets aroused. The teacher has the girls surround Matt and take turns wanking him. A shocked headmasters secretary then walks in but instead of putting a stop to it she grabs hold of Matt’s cock herself and starts stroking it. With five women now wanking him its not long before Matt shoots his spunk into the air - some of which hits the headmasters secretary’s posh jacket!”

In your today’s portion of links you have link to sample clips of ‘Late For Class’ scenario, access full video inside Pure Cfnm -

CFNM Movies
Three students and a headmaster examine nude cock
(Movies taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

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