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Published by on 20 Sep 2016

Brandi Belle Penis Pump

First time this year Brandi Belle fancies us with new cfnm episode - ‘Penis Pump Challenge’. Two guys from the street challenge each other in who’s get a bigger hard-on. Then both get measured up and judged by Brandi. Winner receives a blowjob and second place - handjob. Win-win situation, hehe :) Full story below..:


“Ive always wondered if these things actually work…these things being Penis Pumps. I know i have exchanged emails with a few of you discussing this and many of you say that it indeed does work i talked about so much with this guy named scott from kentucky he actually sent me two in the mail so i could shoot a video with them so i decided to take it into my onw hands and give a couple penis pumps the pepsi challange. So i invited a couple of my friends, one being a drop dead gorgeos pal of mind named sequoiaredd…i hope i spelled that right she always get mad when people spell her name wrong but who can blame them with a name like that…anyhoo…so yeah i ivited her and a couple neighborhood knucklheads i barely even know actually but were willing to take part in this penis pump challenge especially when i told them that the guy with the biggest hard on would get a bj and the runner up a handjob…not a bad deal huh, even if you lose you win hehe. So for all you who are wondering what the outcome of the penis pump challenge was of course youre gunna have to watch the video. Even if you dont care you get a to see a glorious blow job and somewhat of a miraculaous handjob its something for everyone hehe!!! see ya’ll later.”

Sample cfnm movies of ‘Penis Pump Challenge’ find in your today’s portion of links, full videos watch at Brandi Belle official site -

CFNM Movie
Brandi Belle Penis Pump
Naked guys get their cocks pumped up by sexy clothed girls
(Movie taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 12 Sep 2016

Handjobs Central Gallery

Picture gallery from sister site to Loverboys USA and Extreme Cfnm - Handjobs Central (read about it here) contain several photos from real life cfnm parties with wives take turns in giving handjobs and blowjobs to hot male strippers. Link to Handjobs Central gallery attached in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Pictures
Cock hungry chicks wank and suck strippers hard cocks
(Pictures taken from Handjobs Central members area)

Published by on 03 Sep 2016

Loverboys USA Videos

Some of the recent Loverboys USA videos of the uk cfnm party you haven’t seen. Loverboys male stripper shakes his tool in front of few dozens of alcohol warmed chicks willing to get a piece of his meat. And two end up on stage sucking stranger’s dick to the amazement of their friends and other audience.

Link to movies find in your today’s portion of links, full cfnm videos get inside Loverboys USA -

CFNM Videos
Loverboys USA Videos
Real show with Loverboys stripper gets wives to suck his cock
(Videos taken from Loverboys USA members area)

Published by on 26 Aug 2016

Extreme Cfnm Blowjobs

Been working on Extreme Cfnm site past week and here’s one of their latest parties they made available to public. Scenes with hot blondes take turns in giving blowjobs to sexy male stripper on stage and a brunette from the audience suck off stranger’s cock in front of her friends.

Link to cfnm blowjobs galleries added in your today’s portion of links, full parties see at Extreme Cfnm -

CFNM Free Site
Crazy girlfriends giving blowjobs to cfnm party strippers on stage
(Pictures taken from Extreme Cfnm members area)

Published by on 18 Aug 2016

Cfnm Exposed Cfnm Idol

Just learned from another cfnm blog (thanks to Cfnm Feeds, it’s much easier to read them all now) of discounted access to Cfnm Exposed and Cfnm Idol. I haven’t told you, both sites were sold last Summer to porn giant company. I waited for news on what will happen to them as I know first owner was cfnm enthusiast, he run both sites, made stories, found models, filmed scenes himself. And now it is a big company with hundreds of porn sites and little attention to each. So officially, Cfnm Exposed (first fantasy cfnm site in history) and Cfnm Idol (members voted scenarios) are discontinued, no updates will be there anymore, and all cfnm movies and pictures inside go off for one dollar. Worth checking them out if the cost stopped you before, one dollar for two sites.

Cfnm Exposed and
Cfnm Idol @ Watch the beginning of fantasy cfnm for a buck

Published by on 09 Aug 2016

Dogging Uncovered Cfnm

Do you know what is Dogging? If not, read my first post about it here. News since I last mentioned Dogging Uncovered at Cfnm Blog - they’ve added a Dogging Hotline for uk citizens. By calling the number you will find out where all the Dogging going on. You can either come and watch Dogging Cfnm show for real or even take part in it, no bullshit. And a dozen of fresh cfnm dogging episodes has been added too.

Link to sample cfnm picture gallery of Dogging Uncovered attached in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Pictures
Dogging Uncovered Cfnm
Busty UK dogger sucking black cock inside car on parking lot
(Pictures taken from Dogging Uncovered members area)

Published by on 01 Aug 2016

Jacuzzi Cfnm USA

Brand new cfnm scene from Cfnm USA - ‘Jacuzzi’. A wife leaves her husband soaking in jacuzzi at resort and goes shopping. Soon another guest, a hot latina chick, comes down and join the lonely guy… Here’s full story:


“Jim’s wife took his credit cards and went shopping leaving him to enjoy their vacation alone at the resort. Bored, he wanders down to the jacuzzi and begins to soak. It isn’t long before another guest, a hot Latina named Lucia, approaches and introduces herself. Upon hearing that Jim’s wife is out spending his money this nasty babe offers him a handjob. Lucia takes him to a lounge chair and stokes Jim’s cock for all it’s worth. She tells him “I can be your mistress Papi” and that his trophy wife never has to know. Jim shows his agreement by blowing a huge load of cum for her. “That’ll teach your money grubbing wife”, Lucia says as she finishes him.”

In your today’s portion of links I put link to sample cfnm movies of ‘Jacuzzi’ episode, full videos get inside Cfnm USA -

CFNM Movies
Jacuzzi Cfnm USA
Latin chick giving handjob to naked guy near jacuzzi
(Movies taken from Cfnm USA members area)

Published by on 24 Jul 2016

Lady Sonia Movies

A set of Lady Sonia cfnm movies goes in addition to her free site (post located here), this time from me. Series of Lady Sonia in sexy nurse outfit pulls down pants from a guy to play with his cock. She touches it with both hands and mouth until guy blows a heavy cum load on her tan pantyhose.

Link to free cfnm movies attached in your today’s portion of links, full series get inside Lady Sonia site -

CFNM Movies
Lady Sonia Movies
Lady Sonia strokes and sucks off big hard cock
(Movies taken from Lady Sonia members area)

Published by on 15 Jul 2016

Lady Sonia Handjob

I was going to make you Lady Sonia free site for almost a year now but haven’t got enough time. And today I see Lady Sonia crew brought us one, hehe :) Episode where Lady Sonia pulls out her big boobs to rub them off hard cock of naked guy. She will definitely make him cum into them, she usually do.

Link to free cfnm site with couple of Lady Sonia handjob galleries added in your today’s portion of links, watch all series at Lady Sonia site -

CFNM Free Site
Lady Sonia Handjob
Lady Sonia gives tit- and handjob to nude guy on couch
(Pictures taken from Lady Sonia members area)

Published by on 07 Jul 2016

Drunk Orgy Party Group Sex

Yesterday has been posted first update this year at Drunk Sex Orgy site. After last pop corn party those crazy people dive into club filled with foam. And soon as party started you see horny guys begin to dive into already wet hungry pussies, lots of them. Chicks that do not find free cock go for each other.

Watch cfnm pictures from the beginning of Drunk Sex Orgy party below, all get naked and involved into foam debauchery in the end. High quality photos provided by Hot Porn News -

CFNM Pictures
Drunk Orgy Party Group Sex
Real orgy with drunk party goers fucking at crazy foam party
(Pictures taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

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