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Published by on 21 Apr 2014

Boy Med Exams Samples

As promised in my last post about Boy Med Exams, real medical cfnm site, few samples for you… Link is in your today’s portion of links - this is a preview cfnm gallery of actual content you can access inside Boy Med Exams, both pictures and video.

CFNM Picture Gallery
Teen guy gets his cock measured up and inspected by a doctor
(Pictures taken from Boy Med Exams members area)

Published by on 12 Apr 2014

Pure CFNM Voyeur

Voyeur cfnm episode brought to you in the latest update at Pure CFNM - ‘Tied To A Tree’… College pals tie Paul up to the tree in some public yard where he can easily be seen by passers-byes and to make his life even more difficult they take his trousers off and leave him in the underwear. First walkers to notice him appear to be a group of young ladies from the same college. Read full story:


“Paul’s mates are playing a college prank on him by tying him to a tree in an area of the local woods frequented by walkers. After tying him up they pull his trousers down leaving him with just his boxer shorts on! Unfortunately for Paul the first walkers that come by are all female and rather than letting him go they decide to have a bit of fun with him and pull his shorts down so they can see his cock!
At first Paul is horrified and embarrased but he soon relaxes as the girls grab hold of his cock and start stroking him to see how big it gets. They take it in turns to wank him all the time wondering how far he will shoot when he cums. They have a bet and lay out rocks on the ground to see where he will cum to. One of the girls even lies in front of him and shows off her knickers to make him cum and they start laughing hysterically when he does shoot to the second marker! Then they run off leaving him still tied up and naked ready for the next set of walkers coming by!”

Watch entire video of ‘Tied To A Tree’ scenario at Pure CFNM or check sample clips before in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Three girls find a guy tied up in the wood and stroke his cock
(Movies taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Published by on 04 Apr 2014

Boy Med Exams

Discovered recently a new direction in cfnm world - medical cfnm. Remember I mentioned I liked two latest CFNM Exposed medical updates (post located here), interesting to know there is a whole sub-niche devoted to medical fetish outtathere and Boy Med Exams is a perfect representative of it. The site seems a bit weird at first with huge open anal and cruel doctor with all those stuff on her table, but scroll below and you will find what you are looking for : naked guys jerking in front of female-doctor, get their penises measured up and ass-holes inspected, lol. Forget about the last one :) Anyway, Boy Med Exams is a bit too much for me - still got fresh memories of such medical examination I’ve had back in high-school, but you might find it interesting. ;)

I post a direct link to Boy Med Exams with previews in your today’s portion of links and will try to get you actual samples from the members area later -

Teen males get full medical inspection by hot female-doctor
(Previews taken from Boy Med Exams members area)

Published by on 27 Mar 2014

Exposed And Humiliated Gallery

Got permission to share sample Exposed And Humiliated gallery with you, my CFNM Blog readers. That will be the first pictures outside Exposed And Humiliated members area to ever been posted online, hehe. Episode with group of clothed girls sitting around the table full of sex toys and well-built totally naked guy acting as a salesman of all that… see the link to the gallery in your today’s portion of links, full series you will find at Exposed And Humiliated -

CFNM Free Gallery
Four chicks humiliate guy compare his cock with several dildos
(Pictures taken from Exposed And Humiliated members area)

Published by on 18 Mar 2014

Drunk Sex Orgy Fuck

Spent weekend downloading footage from first Drunk Sex Orgy summer fuck party. It’s July, yes. But you’re getting photos and videos of this month party on the next one. So goes here - June party ‘Start Your Engines!’… Seems like the guys decide to open new Drunk Sex Orgy and motocycling seasons combined. Themed decorated club, enormous amount of hungry pussies as usual and male strippers popping out of their garages in racing-costumes (see that guy with helmet on, ahah!). You need to wait for the second-third update to see what this all turns up into at the end. For now there are crowd of chicks knee down to suck guys pumps in the middle of the dance-floor.

Two galleries with sample pictures from ‘Start Your Engines!’ show located in your today’s portion of links, view full series and all the previous crazy parties at Drunk Sex Orgy -

CFNM Free Site
Group of drunk sexy babes suck off moto-racers in this mega orgy
(Picture taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

Published by on 10 Mar 2014

Brandi Belle Clips

Now - this you’ve never seen… Latest Brandi Belle’s story ‘Bedroom Bandits’. All night Brandi partying with two of her friends, Eve and Ray. Ray passes out before midnight and girls take him back to his hotel room, but hey it’s far from sleep time yet, guess what they do? Decide to wake him up with a blowjob! Tell me, you haven’t dream about this? ;) Read full story:


“Going out to clubs can be exhausting, just ask my friend Ray. I mean seriously how tired must you be to sleep through a blowjob. Heres how it happened: My friend Eve, Ray and myself all went out last saturday to celebrate…what were we celebrating again??? hmmm well im sure there was some cause for celebration cause we sure did alot it, nothing special you know the usual drinking and dancing, we hopped around from club to club. The last club we were at Eve and myself were out dancing on the floor when we realized we didnt know where our friend Ray was, low and behold there was Ray sitting byhimself sloutched over passed out on a chair poor guy was all tuckered out. So we took a cab back to his hotel room he barely made it to his bed. Unfortunatly Eve and myself werent tired at all so we decided to have some fun with Ray. We thought we’d wake him up the best was possible with two gorgues girls all up on his cock, Who knew hed sleep through the whole thing though he didnt even made him cum and he still didnt wake up!!! WONDER WHAT HE WAS DREAMING ABOUT?????? couldnt have been better than what was actually happening to him!!!”

In your today’s portion of links you have sample clip of ‘Bedroom Bandits’ episode, watch full movie at Brandi Belle -

Brandi and her friend giving a blowjob to sleeping guy
(Clip taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Published by on 02 Mar 2014

Medical CFNM Exposed

Guys at CFNM Exposed keep on plastering new scenarios like no other cfnm site after their resurrection in March and I also see a record amount of CFNM Blog readers get their passes this month at CFNM Exposed. Be it their new episodes or special offer of two sites access if join one (remember, when you register at CFNM Exposed you get access to CFNM Idol also with its own original stories and visa versa, read about this offer here). Anyway, I very liked CFNM Exposed latest medical stagings myself. One ‘Insurance Physical Test’ with mature guy getting inspected in clinic and the other ‘Sperm Donor’ of two nurses milking cock for local cum bank. Full story of the latest one goes below:


“I was sitting in the doctor’s clinic, I had seen an ad in the paper that offered $50 for a sperm donation. I was tight on cash so I jumped at the opportunity. As I sat there glancing around my surroundings, two nurses entered the room. “Hi, I see you are Mr. Finder.” She said, looking at her chart. “I’m Nurse Star, and this is Nurse Sterling - my assistant.” she gestured to other nurse. “So today you’re here for a sperm donation?” she asked. “That’s right.” I said. Her assistant handed me a large cup, I was surprised by its size and didn’t think I could fill it. “Wow” I said, “What happened to the smaller ones?” “Well, now we need a lot more.” the nurse said, “try to fill it as much as possible.” “So I’m assuming I do it right here?” I asked “Yes.” she replied, “We’re just going to leave you here to do that and then in a minute we’ll come back in to see how you did.”
I waited for them to exit the room before standing up and removing my clothes. I looked around my surroundings for a few moment as I stimulated myself, attempting to achieve an erection. It was difficult because I felt nervous, it all seemed very clinical. Shortly after I had started the nurses discretely entered the room again. “Oh my god.” I jumped, “You guys are in here too?” “Well, we thought you might need assistance.” the head nurse said. “It seems like you’re taking a while.” she continued. “Well, I wouldn’t want you to go against your policy or anything.” I replied, feeling slightly confused. “Oh it’s not, we’re a very hands-on type of clinic.” she said…”

I include a link to ‘Sperm Donor’ sample gallery in your today’s portion of links, full story and entire video access inside CFNM Exposed -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Lucky guy gets a handjob by two very horny nurses
(Movies taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

Published by on 21 Feb 2014

Pure CFNM Video

Last week update from Pure CFNM - ‘Trapped In the Sunroof’ brings us outdoors which ads up more spice into the scenes as actors are risking or being caught by people around. Brand-new black Mercedes, two women and a husband one of them. James and Kaz his wife taking a car they’re looking to buy at for a drive, Faye the saleswoman goes with them. During the trip Kaz notices her hubby looks down Faye’s top several times and as they stop to discuss the deal she decides to teach him good manners… Read full story:


“James and Kaz have just taken a new car for a test drive with saleswoman Faye. However, during the drive Kaz has noticed her husband looking down Faye’s top and she is not happy about it at all. When they park up to discuss the deal she encourages him to check out the sunroof and then quickly closes it to trap him in it. She wants to teach him a lesson and with him wedged helpless in the sunroof she undoes his trousers and pulls down his underwear exposing his cock and balls to the saleswoman! Its not long before both girls are having a stroke to get him harder while they ridicule him for being a pervert and looking down girls tops. Brandi is out for a walk in the countryside and when she sees what is happening and hears the story she joins in too. Eventually having his cock stroked by three girls is too much for James and he cums all over his wife’s top and the car!”

In your today’s portion of links you will find cfnm video samples of ‘Trapped In the Sunroof’ episode, watch entire movie of this and all the rest scenarios at Pure CFNM -

CFNM Video Gallery
Two ladies stroking guys cock inside the car in public place
(Video clips taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Published by on 13 Feb 2014

Drunk Sex Orgy Movies

I started to expand CFNM Blog lately and now want to collect cfnm movies from sites I told you about. So far we’ve got Party Hardcore Movies, Brandi Belle Movies, CFNM Zone Movies, Pure CFNM Movies and for today the newest addition - Drunk Sex Orgy movies. I didn’t go too far and picked up the clips from ‘World Cup Party’, episode featured is actually the beginning of the show with hosts warm up the audience.

Find link to movie clips from ‘World Cup Party’ in your today’s portion of links, and watch full video with outrageous orgy at Drunk Sex Orgy -

CFNM Free Movies
Drunk chicks from the audience suck football players
(Movies taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

Published by on 04 Feb 2014

Drunk Sex Party Orgy

Along with 2006 football World Cup folks at Drunk Sex Orgy gather its own World Cup party. Liters of alcohol, a whole football team, many local girls and some models to pack this up. It doesn’t take long as warmed up babes start on sucking players cocks (episode preview attached in your today’s portion of links), lose their clothes and ride ‘em on. This Drunk Sex Orgy event follow-up:


“World Cup fever is in full effect! This sports bar has never seen an event so full of balls bumping up against tight asses and wet lips. These men are so riled up with football fever and booze that once the Drunk Sex Orgy begins their minds are on a one way track to cooter heaven. Even the football games can’t tear them away from the fuck fest of dripping pussies they’re rodding on every bar stool, slippery tile floor and astro-turf table top in sight, making this the new World Cup of Fucking!”

I put a free site with two sample cfnm galleries of the show in your today’s portion of links, full video watch at Drunk Sex Orgy -

CFNM Free Site
Crowd of horny chicks suck off strippers in this party orgy
(Pictures taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

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